Lung Cancer – Living With the Diagnosis

Lung Cancer – Living With the Diagnosis

Lung cancer is the other life threatening form of the cancer. The actual problem which arises in the lung cancer is that it makes the lung unable to exchange the gases and hence it effects the respiratory system. When the respiratory system of a person gets damaged or ineffective then it means the person is not so far from his demise. Lung cancer is one of those diseases which are actually hard to treat. These are the diseases in which it becomes very hard to judge that what to do and what not to do.

Up till now that means with the lot of technology and advanced scientific researches we are not able to figure out a perfect formula which can destroy the lung cancer from where it got started. In this disease it is believed that the prevention is now better than cure. In case of any disease it is believed but as far as the cancer is concerned, it can spoil the entire human body system. Along with the medicines the prevention could be a helping hand and in this case that is in the cancer issues the helping hand matters a lot.

People suffering from the lung cancer usually advised few common things which includes:

Quit Smoking: This one is the most common thing which is asked to do in the lung cancer case. This is so common that even a kid would be aware of it that smoking can cause the severe injuries in which one is lung cancer. As this is very common it is also the main reason of the lung cancer. As per the latest research it has been found that almost 87% of the cancer patients are suffering because of the intake of tobacco. Intake of tobacco is usually found in two ways and that is smoking and direct tobacco consumption. Both of these habits are very dangerous and for the person who is also suffering from lung cancer these two are the breath taking activities and there is no resolution except avoiding the consumption of tobacco.

Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are recommended to the lung cancer patients because usually they lose their energy in the treatment and to cure they need energy. Not only in the lung cancer or any other cancer but the fruits and the green vegetables are recommended in almost each and every disease because through this the patient gets instant energy which helps him in the treatment.

Prevent from pollution: As we all know that in lung cancer the respiratory system gets directly affected so it is advised that one should avoid the direct contact with the dust materials. Also the patient should avoid going in the polluted places therefore it is recommended that one should not go in the polluted environments where he may come into the direct contact of the dust and the pollution.

Regular treatment: Most of the people when feel a bit comfortable or improvement tries to get rid of the treatment and tries to get back to their respective works which again creates the critical situations.

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