The Enemies of Cancer

The Enemies of Cancer

Broccoli contains large amounts of plant chemical elements (Phytochemical), thousands of years, vegetable itself, in order to protect themselves, it stimulates this taste to drive away insects. Also it has the detoxification for human beings. It also contains sulfur carotene (Sulporaphane), which can promote the body to produce anti-cancer protein and remove carcinogens from cells.

NO. 2—Salmon
As we all know that Eskimos continue eating salmon fat. However, the prevalence ratio is very low. Omega3 can consolidate cell membrane, enhance the body immunity to defense cancer. Every coin has two sides, taking too much Omega 3 will lead to bleeding or stroke. Salmon, tuna and Long Lee are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. The British Dietitians Association recommends that people eat fish and seafood three times a week. So the food and beverage analysis are very helpful.

NO. 3—Tomato

In 1995, scientists at Harvard did an experiment, forty-eight thousand men, who ate about twenty tomatoes per week, the chance for them to get prostate cancer was reduced by half. The reason is that Lycopene (lycopene) in the tomato is antioxidants, which can neutralize free radicals to fight against breast cancer, stomach cancer and digestive cancer.

NO. 4—Tofu

Tofu is the most effective one to fight against breast and prostate cancer. Estrogen is the main reason of the genital cancer. The chance of getting breast cancer for women may be caused by early menstruation, delayed childbirth, early menopause or obesity. Beans are able to weaken the ability of estrogen to reduce cell division, soy milk have the same function.

NO. 5—Fiber foods

All fruits, melons, beans, broccoli, legumes are rich of high fiber. High fiber foods can speed up the intestine digestion in order to short time of food digestion. The toxic substances, which are formed through digestion, can be discharged as soon as possible and it will not be absorbed into body by the intestinal wall.

NO. 6— Garlic

Israeli researchers found that the chemical composition in garlic can not only help to cope with parasites and bacteria in soil, but also drive away viruses, bacteria, fungi. The most effective time for garlic is after ten minutes. But we can not wait too long otherwise it will be invalid.

NO. 7—Green Tea

According to the research from Chinese University Department of Biochemistry, polyphenols is a good antioxidant in green tea. It can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and also can be against blood cancer. It is better than black tea with unfermented and more effective for beneficial elements preserved.

Fighting against cancer is the main task for all of us.

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