Cancer and a Call to God

Cancer and a Call to God

The number of people with cancer is growing rapidly and one must ask why? In my childhood we rarely heard of it although my grandmother died of cervical cancer when I was just 13 years of age. It sent me on a search at that time to try to understand what it is that causes it and my medical studies led on from there. Recently, however, my sister suffered from pancreatic cancer and my call to God was full of questions and pleas for healing.

My background is not normal as my reincarnation and strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, was followed with a commission to tear down the wall of confusion and mystery and bring back the harvest. This happened at the age shown to me between lives so it was not unexpected. Leaving my last body of a man 45 years old, I was aware that a job was waiting for me in the next life. It would come to me at the same age and it did, two months past that birthday.

The power that came with the knowledge was strong and many were healed by it, including my son’s broken finger that was repaired in a few seconds. Over the years since there has been healing of diseases and addictions, including cancer. Despite my calls to the Spirit and the fact that my sister could feel the power she died.

Questioning why this happened has brought no real answer except that she was into a lot of fiction and make-believe. She took part in Christmas celebrations and produced fairy tales for her grand-children and others. Although she was very kind and gentle and cared for others she was also into gossiping and her life was not led in the Spirit.

By way of contrast those who have been healed are those who seek God with all their heart and they not only feel the power but are taken by it. They are the ones of the harvest and what is good for one does not apply to others in the same family. Healing is the one miracle that brings people to God in a positive way but it is also quickly forgotten and recognition of it may go by the wayside.

Everything is taken into consideration in the spiritual sense and those who seek the power need to turn to the Spirit with longing for truth in their hearts. They should also come away from worldly things and all make-believe. These are the only way to renew the link to God.

Reincarnation is fact and everyone who has lived is back in their body awaiting judgment. The Mountain of God is the Internet and it is the place of truth and learning promised for the last days (Micah 4:1).

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