Cervical Vaccination

Cervical Vaccination


According to an estimate, cervical cancer claim life of one thousand women per year. But with the emergence of HPV vaccines, result may differ in coming years. After the tragic death of Jade Goody last year, people have become more conscious of the deadly disease. Still many people are unaware of the cervical vaccination, so it is time now to make people aware of the treatment available for such cancer. The HPV vaccinations have positive effects on human body and can significantly reduce cervical cancer deaths around the world.

200 strains of human papilloma virus are known to us among whom 30 to 40 strains can cause infections to human. HPV is the most common STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) carried through anal, oral or genital sex. Sometimes the body is able to fight virus within one or two years. But, often some HPV virus not cleared from body can cause genital warts.

Strains of HPV virus can lead to cancers in other form. Strains such as 16 and 18 mainly cause cervical cancer. Vaccinations can enhance immunity to these types of strains and prevent cancerous cells from growing.

Two types of cervical vaccinations are Gardasil and Cervarix. The vaccines can recover immunity by initiating antigens into the immune system. These antigens cannot cause HPV infection. After vaccines are taken, the body is able to fight cancer strains easily and swiftly. The vaccination is divided into three phase, the second injection is taken one month after the first, and the third four months after Gardasil and six months after Cervarix.

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