Cancer – How Do Women Get It?

Cancer – How Do Women Get It?


How much do we really know about cancer? It is a common knowledge that this kind of disease do not pick any particular person, may you be a commoner, a rich dude, a beggar, or simply just someone. Cancer is a bunch of diseases in which the cells are aggressive, invasive or metastatic. Awareness of these kinds of diseases won’t kill us. Here are some tips on how to deal with cancer that may occur in women.

Let us identify the different kinds of cancer that occurs in women.

breast cancer
cervical cancer
endometrial cancer
gestational trophoblastic tumor
ovarian cancer
uterine sarcoma
vaginal cancer
vulvar cancer
all the other types of cancer
I know right now you’re thinking, what am I talking about, it is all a blur. You may tell yourself, wow that’s a lot of cancer to deal with, and even ask how do we get it? Can we even prevent from having it? I will be giving brief discussions on how to deal with this diseases and how we get it.

Breast Cancer

This is the most common cancer that we usually hear that occur in women today. This cancer forms in the tissues of the breast, most commonly the ducts and the lobules. And this just does not occur in women alone; guys could also have this in rare occasions.
Some factors that may increase the risk of getting breast cancer:

hormone replacement therapy
ionizing radiation
major inheritance susceptibility
Tips to prevent or decrease the risk of having breast cancer:

exercise strenuously
early pregnancy
some interventions
selective estrogen receptor modulators
aromatase inhibitors
prophylactic mastectomy

do screenings
clinical breast examination
Self-breast examination which is recommended to be done every month two weeks before a woman’s period.

Cervical Cancer

This occurs in the tissues of the cervix. Usually this is slow-growing kind of cancer and is often asymptomatic that is why we can never know that we already have it unless we get our pap’s smear done. Ladies, let’s be aware of the use of pap’s smear, this can help us prevent or have an early diagnosis of a starting cancer. Once you are sexually active, a woman should at least get a pap’s smear done once a year. Sexually active woman are more prone to get cervical cancer because of the human papillomavirus that we could get during intercourse.

There are some ways to prevent this such as:

abstaining from sexual activities
sing barrier protection or spermicidal gel during intercourse
Refrain from cigarette smoking because it is also one of the trigger that increases the risk of cervical cancer, may you be a passive or an active smoker
Reproductive behavior such as having more children or high parity also increases the risk
the use of oral contraceptives for a long period of time may contribute to the increase susceptibility to cervical cancer.
Endometrial Cancer

This occurs in the linings of the uterus. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of endometrial cancer. Unlike in breast cancer, hormonal therapy helps in decreasing the risk of having endometrial cancer mostly in women under postmenopausal stage. Oral contraceptives decrease the risk of this cancer as well, weight reduction would also help, and quitting from smoking might help too.

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