Hypnosis In The Improvement Of The Quality of Life In Cancer Suffers

Hypnosis In The Improvement Of The Quality of Life In Cancer Suffers


Between July 2005 and September 2005, nine cancer afflicted volunteers were admitted for a clinical trial to assess any improvements in the quality of life with the use of (non Ericksonian) hypnosis. Six 20 minute sessions were conducted on each subject, over a six week period at the frequency of once a week.

The 9 participants were both male and female aged between 38 and 76 years of age. No pre-trial treatment protocols were changed, and all of the participants were required to be admitted by and continue there usual standard of care medical curative and palliative therapies under the direction and supervision of their General Practitioners or Oncologists.
The subjects presented with various cancers at various stages of progression or stabilisation including; Stomach cancer. Bowel cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, and Bone Cancer.

The intention of the study was to evaluate any improvements in Insomnia, Depression, Pain, Energy, and general quality of life. The results were extremely encouraging and reduced most of the negative side effects of other treatments and general well being between 60 to 100%.

The most significant improvements were seen in Nausea (reduced 100%) Emotional Functioning (improved 70%) Insomnia (improved 75%) Appetite (improved 55%) General Wellbeing (improved 65%)
Because of the promising results in 2006 a much larger clinical will be conducted in Perth Western Australia using the same protocols.

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