Do Genital Warts Cause Cancer? What is the Infection is Capable Of?

Do Genital Warts Cause Cancer? What is the Infection is Capable Of?


Can Warts lead to Cervical Cancer?

If one was to give a simple direct answer the answer would simply be ‘NO’. The warts themselves cannot cause any form of cancer. The HPV virus is said to be a leading factor in both the warts and cervical cancer. The virus manifests in many strains and some are causative factors in either of the diseases whereas others can cause both of them. The presence of warts may not bring cancer but may as well give an indication of the possibility that you are developing the disease.

Can the Warts Cause Other Types of Cancer?

There are other types of cancer that can also be caused by the HPV virus. So once again it is not the genital warts themselves that would cause the condition. Some of the other cancers are thought to be the cancers of the vulva, prostate, and the penis. So the same answer prevails that it is some strains of the HPV virus that are responsible.

Can Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer Be Prevented?

It is possible to prevent the occurrence of genital warts and cervical cancer much of the time. Sexual abstinence is the best protection so far. If you decide to engage in sex then it would be prudent to use condoms which offer some protection o both of you. The other very important thing to consider is that the more sexual partners you have the greater the risk of getting the HPV virus.

What should you do if you’ve contracted them?

The first and most important thing you can do when you suspect you have contracted the HPV virus is to seek medical attention at once. The doctor will usually go beyond giving you medication to treat the warts but will most of the time go an extra mile and test you for the possibility of having the strain of HPV that can cause cancer. Try to be honest with your doctor as fear will not help you at all. When the doctor has sufficient information he will be able to help you much better.


There is a common misconception that genital warts are responsible for causing cervical or some various types of cancer. Your protection lies in preventing yourself from getting infected with the HPV virus but you should also go for a medical checkup to find out if you are a silent carrier of the virus. Women are advised to go for a Pap smear at least once every year for early detection of HPV infection. If it is discovered in the early stages then the treatment is likely to be more effective.

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