Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods


It is no secret that what we choose to eat impacts our health on a daily basis. Some foods are rich in anti oxidants, and some foods are known to contain healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria. Could some foods fight abnormal cell growth that occurs when one is diagnosed with cancer? Consider these foods and the effect that they can have on the effects of cancer, as well as prevention.

Avocados have chemicals in them that are rich in antioxidants and attack free radicals within the body. Free radicals are one of the known cancer causing cells, and avocados assist in the attack of these cells. Avocados are not only good for liver cancer, but are good for fighting liver damage and contain more potassium than bananas. They block the intestinal absorption of certain fats into the body.

Nitrosamines are cancer causing substances and can lead to specific types of stomach cancer. Chili peppers and jalapenos as well other hot peppers contain the chemical capsaicin which can neutralize these cancer causing substances. Peppers have been known to have healing powers for centuries, so next time there is pasta being made put in some extra fresh peppers.

It is a common saying to eat vegetables that are rich in color, many say the greener the vegetable and richer the color the more beneficial that the vegetable is for you. Broccoli has been known to prevent colon and prostate cancer for decades and is looked upon as one of the most heart healthy vegetables due to its rich green color.

Flax is another food that has antioxidants and when the seeds are crushed beneficial oils are released. It can easily be added to a variety of foods and available at most health food stores. It is one of the highest foods that can fight cancer and protect against heart disease. Flax seeds and flax oil are some of the most common health supplements.

Garlic is good for the immune system and can increase the activity within our bodies to promote a healthy immune system and therefore is important in indirectly preventing cancerous activity within the body. Garlic has been discovered to block carcinogens and slow the development and growth of tumors. Studies have shown that those who consume garlic are at half the risk of developing many types of stomach cancer than those who do not consume the helpful root. There are certain bacteria within the stomach that have been known to cause stomach cancer and garlic protects against h. pylori – one of these cancer promoting bacterium.

Grapefruits, grapes and oranges as well as other citrus fruits can sweep carcinogens from the body – literally! Because of the high instances of vitamin c, folic acid and beta carotene eating these citrus foods can inhibit the growth of many cancer cells, including breast cancer. Grapes contain an important cancer fighting ingredient, resveratol which inhibits the enzymes and these enzymes can inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells. Citrus foods also seem to slow the growth of tumors within the body.

We are what we eat, and many times we can prevent certain illnesses, including cancer – it gives us more incentive to eat healthily.

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