Breast Cancer – What Every Woman Needs to Know

Breast Cancer – What Every Woman Needs to Know

Reports say that after lung cancer, breast cancer is the second most deadly and common type of cancer, which accounts for 1% of all deaths and 7% of all cancer deaths. This type of cancer is considered to the fifth common cause responsible of deaths.


As a woman, you should be well aware of breast cancer, its symptoms and treatment. According to doctors, the subjective and first symptom is a development of a typical lump in your breast. This lump is quite different from the breast tissue surrounding it and you can notice it by careful examination.

But, breast cancer is not only determined by the lump, which appears in your breast. Studies reveal that if you are having lumps located in the lymph nodes in your collar bone or armpits, you are more likely to have this type of cancer. It is the mammogram, which is done by doctors in the region of the detected lump to confirm the case of breast cancer.

But all women don’t develop the same symptoms . Other indications apart from a lump include nipple inversion, skin dimpling, spontaneous single nipple discharge or change in the shape and size of the breast. If you are having pain in your breast, don’t take it as breast cancer as it is an unreliable tool for confirming the menace.

After the invasion of the cancer cells in the region of dermal lymphatics, you are more likely to get skin inflammation in your breast. This phenomenon is often termed as inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Women, having inflammatory breast cancer, may develop several symptoms, which include an orange peel appearance of the skin in the breast of region, redness and warmth in the breast with extreme pain and swelling. Other symptoms indicating the presence of cancer in your body is increased sensitivity, burning, itching and tingling of the breast region.

Look For Immediate Attention from Your Doctor

Women developing the above symptoms should immediately contact their doctor. This type of cancer can be diagnosed with proper examination of surgically removed tissue from the breast. Procedures of removing tissues include local surgical excision, core needle biopsy, ductal cleavage, fine needle aspiration and nipple aspirates. After this, some imaging tests such as bone scan, chest X-ray, PET scanning and MRI are conducted to confirm this type of cancer.

Therapies for Treating Breast Cancer

With the advancement of medical studies, women may not worry any more, if they are having breast cancer. Surgery is the mainstay of the treatment, where the tumour in the breast is localised followed by adjuvant hormonal therapies in that region. Some other popular treatment methods of breast cancer are chemotherapy, immune therapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

One more innovative and modern method of treating breast cancer is Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy (ILT). It is a minimal invasive process and there is absolutely no need for surgical removal of the breast tissue. Doctors also recommend this treatment, as no side effects are noticed in this process and the patient remains healthy.

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