Cancer Development Linked to Food We Eat

Cancer Development Linked to Food We Eat


British researchers find that at least 60 % of cancers are linked to the food we eat. The National Cancer Institute has also recently acknowledged that the diet plays the most significant role in the development of cancer.

If it takes cancer years and even decades to develop, we can successfully interfere with its progression at any given point by changing what we allow into our body. Instead of eating foods that encourage the growth of cancer, we need to eat foods that block its development.

There are more than 900 natural substances found in food that can prevent or inhibit cancer while it progresses through its many stages of development. These substances can prevent the carcinogens put into our food from becoming activated. They can also block cellular mutations, stimulate the carcinogens to be moved out of the body, decrease the cancer cell’s ability to proliferate and prevent the cancer cells from metastasizing to new sites.

For example, fresh garlic and onions were found to have more than 30 natural substances that block carcinogens. Garlic contains elements that are actually toxic to malignant cells. The sulfur in garlic and onion activate specific immune cells that destroy cancer cells. Studies done by researchers at Harvard showed that garlic given to lab animals decreased colon cancers by 75 %. Studies at Penn State used garlic to reduce the incidence of breast tumors in lab animals by 70 %.

Stomach and colon cancers have been linked to a bacterium called helicobacter pylori, currently found in our tap water. The antibiotic effects of fresh garlic help to kill off these bacteria.

One hundred and seventy research studies compiled from 17 nations, as well as a report from the National Cancer Institute substantiate that the individual that eats large amounts of fruits and vegetables per day has a 50 – 75 % decrease in the incidence of cancer.

The dark green vegetables are rich in antioxidants. The darker the green (kale, spinach, broccoli, mustard greens, collards), the richer they are in cancer inhibiting carotenoids and other cancer fighting agents.

Studies at Harvard University showed that betacarotene found in fruit and vegetables acted as a chemotherapeutic agent, effectively blocking the spread of lung cancer cells. This potent antioxidant stimulates the immune cells that directly destroy cancer cells, while triggering the enzyme activity that breaks down the cancer mass, decreasing the size of the tumors.

Research at Tufts University showed betacarotene broke down into retinoic acid in the body. Retinoic acid is currently being used in many countries, as well as the US to treat various cancers with significant amount of success.

Tomatoes are a major vegetable source of lycopene. Lycopene is what gives the tomato its red color and is considered to be two times more powerful against cancer development than betacarotene. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that high levels of lycopene in the blood lowered the incidence of precancerous states by 20 %. Cooked tomatoes produce higher levels of lycopene than raw ones. Watermelon is also high in lycopene.

Citrus fruit have fifty eight known anti cancer agents and have been found to neutralize many powerful chemical carcinogens from breaking down into more deadly forms. Citrus fruit are also high in vitamin C that can charge up the immune system, block the mutation of healthy cells, neutralize free radicals that trigger the development of cancers, and suppress the growth of tumors.

Salmon, sardines, herring, tuna, anchovies, Atlantic sturgeon, lake trout and mackerel are loaded with omega-3 oils. These oils suppress precancerous growths and block the progression of cancer. Current studies at Harvard are finding fish oils to block the new attachments of wandering cancer cells, preventing metastasis especially in breast cancer.

Cottage cheese and yogurt increase the immune function by stimulating the body to produce its own interferon and should be eaten daily with flax seed oil. This combination helps to slow down the tumor growth. All other animal products should be avoided.

Research studies done in the US, China and Japan showed that green tea significantly blocked the development of various cancers. This tea is particularly effective in blocking skin cancer by 87 % and stomach cancer by 58 %.

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