Natural Healing Herbs for Cancer

Natural Healing Herbs for Cancer


In our world cancer is a fresh disease. The meaning is to say, that it previously was not there, it could have been in existence but wasn’t diagnosed. Researchers have shown that the origin of cancer happened because of the alteration of genes & these alterations were started by the presences of free radicals hazardous in nature become prevalent in our bodies as ionized oxygen radicals.

Nature has its own ways to life; there are some bad things and good things as well to make us cheerful. The same goes for cancer. If the body can be infected by cancer then the body too has mechanisms to throw it away. These mechanisms help in fighting against cancer and revitalize immunity to further enhance our fighting abilities. There are groups of herbs (natural) that are potent in cancer prevention; the herbs have qualities like antioxidant & help revitalize the immune system, examples are given underneath –


Chinese mushroom are used for these extracts. The extracts from Maitake are helpful in eradication of cancer cells & at the same time stops tumors from multiplying.


These extracts come from tea plant leaves; the leaf extracts have ECGC a chemical, the chemical as ingredients which can negate free radicals that can cause immense harm. Also cell replication is inhibited; replication is a major characteristic of cancer.


There exists curcumin which is a therapeutic compound, it has been proved to be cancer fighter & stops growth of tumor, plus properties of immunity-stimulating.


In other term it is a citrus bioflavanoid, it has a good remedy to annul cell growth & also slows prostate cancer process.


It is derived form an herb having 3 leaves and has as many as 4 anti-tumor composite. Tocopherol is in excessive quantities, it too is a antioxidant that will suppress and kill free radicals that destroy cells.

Beta Glucan

They can rejuvenate the immune system as they are polysaccharides.

Vitamin C & K

Cancer growth will be inhibited by taking the two together. Liver cancer can be treated with Vitamin K.

Certain herbs are useful in treating cancer. If there is no relief then they could a minimal be reducing the free radicals, herbs increase life time period and thwart development of cancerous cells. Garlic extract, cat’s claw, L-arginine, suma, flaxseed, pau d’arco, Norwegian kelp, red clover, dandelion root, graviola & barberry help greatly. Specific conditions of cancer require specialized medication –

¬∑INTESTINAL & STOMACH CANCER: Cancer is a painful disease and more so when affecting the intestine & stomach. Shove off the cramping, bleeding & pain by consuming fennel, milk thistle extract, fenugreek, cat’s claw, goldenseal, cayenne, cascara sagrada, cinnamon bark, ginger root, psyllium husks, and oat bran.

¬∑BONE CANCER: Cancer of bones could affect any bone, such as skull, spine, shins, pelvis, limbs, hips, ribs and others. In this type of cancer the bone is more likely to have fractures and becomes fragile too. Paget’s disease too might take over the body. This disease can get treatment in the form of coral calcium, glucosamine sulfate, L-phenylalanine, shavegrass, alfalfa, white willow bark, and nettle.

·PROSTATE CANCER: This type of cancer is the 2nd most reason leading to the death of men through cancer. This is certainly a life threatening disease. Graviola, dandelion root, saw palmetto, red clover, pygeum bark, licorice root, and yarrow can prove helpful.

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