Occurrence Factor of Skin Cancer

Occurrence Factor of Skin Cancer

Facts about skin cancer are very important to understand as the disease is one of the deadliest ones worldwide and is also responsible for maximum number of cancer cases. Facts highlight some of the important causes, symptoms and statistics of the disease and also focus on the important forms of treatments available to cure the same.

Vital Facts about Skin Cancer

Exposure to Ultra-Violet (UV) rays in excess may lead to severe type of cancer and is also responsible for more than 90% cases of the non-melanoma types of the disease. Severity of the disease is so high that almost one person dies every day of the disease and the treatment becomes complicated if a person reaches advanced stages of the disease.

This is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer and accounts for more than 50% of the overall cancer cases. It occurs in almost equal numbers in both men and women and may develop at any age. Though the number of cases detected in areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America are low as compared to developed regions like North America and Europe, the numbers of deaths related to the disease are high in the prior regions. Caucasian race is more vulnerable to the disease as compared to other races. Chances of sunburns developing into a cancerous infection are quite high and especially small children are at a very high risk if they do not undergo apt treatment for sunburns in the childhood age.

This cancer, also known as skin neoplasia, is of two different types as melanoma and non-melanoma. Squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma are two different types of non-melanoma cancer. Melanoma type of skin cancer occurs in rare cases but is a severe kind of disorder and is more fatal as compared to non-melanoma types. Also, melanoma skin cancer spreads at a higher pace in comparison to non-melanoma types and is highly damaging to skin cells and tissues.

Facts about skin cancer also prove that it is quite common in people who have medical history of the disease. A person who is treated for this cancer in the past is quite susceptible to its redevelopment in future. One should avoid smoking and consuming tobacco or other carcinogenic substances as it may damage the person’s body internally and deteriorate his immune system.

Other facts about skin cancer also point out that melanoma type of skin cancer is responsible for almost 75% of the overall deaths due to skin cancer. Also, the survival rate and life expectancy is much lower for melanoma type as compared to non-melanoma form of cancer. Change in the color of the skin, skin ulcers, injuries or infections in the skin that do not heal by normal medication and presence of excess moles are some of the important symptoms of the disease.

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