Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a well known deadly disease which affects lives of many people every year. Cancer can be caused in different parts of your body. Both men and women are equally affected by the deadly cancer disease. A commonly found cancer disease in women is breast cancer. It is caused because of the unusual growth of tumor cells in the breast region. If these tumor cells are allowed to grow continuously they affect the other normal healthy cells of that region. The development of these cells can start in a tiny tissue or a lobe or even in the vessels of the breast. Although breast cancer shows no early symptoms, still there are some signs which can help in diagnosing breast cancer in an early stage. Though it is hard to detect breast cancer in an early stage as almost no symptoms or signs occur in an early stage. In this type of cancer the patient not even feels any kind of pain at an early stage. But if one is familiar with the usual symptoms of breast cancer then there is much probability that breast cancer symptoms can be caught at an early stage. If diagnosed at an early stage, this deadly breast cancer can be cured completely.

Let us discuss some of the common breast cancer symptoms. Every woman is generally aware of the size and shape of her breast. So, one can check for any swelling or deformation in the breast by softly pressing the fingers on the breast surface. If you feel any mass, lump or any kind of thickening, consult a doctor immediately for a check up as it may be the first sign of deadly cancer. Appearance of rashes, scales on the skin can also be a symptom of breast cancer. If you find that one breast is growing larger in size as comparison to the other then you must consult a doctor.

The other cancer symptoms include reversed nipples, deformed and pushed inward. Discharge of blood, yellow or colorless milk from the nipples is one of the most common symptoms. It is not necessary that only women can suffer from the deadly breast cancer. Even men can fall prey to it but it is a very rare case. The symptoms are almost same for both men and women. In addition, the other symptoms of breast cancer in men include pain in nipples, sores, puffy lymph nodes etc.

However it is highly recommended that women should give frequent visits to the doctor for breast check up. It not only helps in diagnosing breast cancer symptoms in an early stage but also helps you in living a longer life by proper medication and precaution at a right time.

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