Founder of Living Foods Institute Shares Her Healing from Cancer

Founder of Living Foods Institute Shares Her Healing from Cancer


n this excerpt, Brenda Cobb shares on her amazing healing from breast and cervical cancer.

Raw Food Summit Excerpt with Brenda Cobb, the founder of The Living Foods Institute.

Kevin: Today I have an incredible guest on the line. She is an author and founder of the Living Foods Institute. She also has had an incredible healing journey from breast and cervical cancer, which we’re going to talk about today. So, Brenda Cobb, I want to welcome you to the Raw Summit.

Brenda:: Thank you so much, Kevin, I’m real excited to be here.

Kevin: Brenda, you have an incredible story, and I want to get into it, and I want to kind of give a landscape of where you were before you were diagnosed, and then move into what you did.

Brenda:: Well, where I was, was in a very high stress job, I owned my own business, I was in film in television, I had a recording studio, and a production company. And, I was very busy in helping people in promoting their careers, and in producing shows for big events, and that was very stressful.

During that time, yeah, I didn’t really eat well, and I ate all kinds of various types of foods that weren’t really great for me. And, if I had a headache, I took a Tylenol. And, if my stomach was upset, I took
some kind of another type of a pill. And, then in1999, I was diagnosed with both cervical and breast cancer. And so, that woke me up big time. The doctor told me that I needed to have surgery, chemo, and radiation.

I knew that I did not want to. I really felt that I needed to look for a natural way to heal myself. And so, I got on the Organic Raw and Living Foods Lifestyle, and it changed my life. I’ve started using wheat grass juice, and energy soup, and other really healing foods, and the cancer went away, but other problems I had had, arthritis, acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn.

I had taken Pepcid AC, Tums, Rolaids, all of those types of products to try to help myself, and that didn’t really work, it just made me worse, not really better.

But, you know what? When I got on this program to heal cancer, all those other symptoms went away. So, I never had any more migraine headaches. Arthritis went away, I lost weight, my energy increased, my skin improved, I felt better, I wasn’t as depressed, I felt happier, and everything really changed dramatically. That’s when I realized that my mission in life was going to be to help other people, and teach it, and tell other people about it because I felt like if it helped me, it could
help other people.

And, it’s still thrilling. I mean today to just watch how much health can be improved on this program. And, I don’t care how sick people are Kevin. I have gotten people in my center that everyone else has given up on completely, and they’ve told them that they have a terminal, hopeless situation, and yet when these people are willing to change what they’re doing and their mental thinking, and some of their lifestyle habits, we see that the body is miraculous, and it can bounce back from most anything.

Kevin: How did you get turned on after you got out of the doctor’s office, how did you get turned onto the natural way of helping yourself?

Brenda:: Well, I went to the health food store as soon as I left the doctor and I asked them if they knew of any books I could read, or anyone who had ever healed in a natural way. And, they
pointed me to a little book that a woman had written that said How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, and her name was Eydie Mae . And I bought the only copy of that book that they had on the shelf. And,
it was all about how she had used Dr. Ann Wigmore’s method for raw and living foods with wheat grass, and energy soup, and Rejuvelac, and veggie crowding, and colon cleansing. And, how she had a very serious challenge with cancer and that, she didn’t think that there was any other place for her to turn. It kept getting worse and worse, and coming back after treatment. And, when she heard about this program and got on it – it healed her.

When I read that book I had cold chills all over my body. I thought you know something, if it can work for her, it can work for me. Why not? What do I have to lose? At least I need to try this. So, I really
had faith and belief in it. You know how it is sometimes that you read something or you hear something and immediately it resonates with you. It’s like you already know this at some level. It’s in there and it was just kind of waiting to be remembered and that’s how I felt about it. I started
reading enough, Wow,this just makes sense if I clean my body out, if I start giving it optimum nutrition, if I don’t cook my food, because of course I never knew that when you cook you killed it. I learned that by cooking it I was killing the enzymes and compromising the vitamins and the minerals.
And, that if I would start putting in really good organic nutrition that my body would do what it was created to do. It would heal itself.

So, I use Eydie Mae’s example, and then I started reading other books that Ann Wigmore had written. And, I started reading testimonies from people who had done her program before and everybody seems so positive. And, there were so many stories that really seem miraculous. I mean of people recovering from all kinds of diseases that I became more and more encouraged. And then the more I did it, the more I was able to see for myself that it really did work.

Kevin: And so you believe after you read that book. You believed right away?

Brenda:: I did. I’ve really had total faith and belief. In fact, it was a good thing because well- meaning friends and family who loved me a lot really thought I was crazy, and they felt that I should what the doctor said. And that I should do the surgery and the chemo, and the radiation. Of course, I asked some of those well-meaning people, “Well, why would I?” Because, it didn’t work for, one of my aunts or maybe one of your sisters. You know, because of my aunts would be talking to me
about it or other loved ones. I say, “You know it didn’t work for them. I don’t see why it should work for me. I’m going to try something different.” Now, those same people who then thought I was crazy, they think I’m a genius now. I did it, you know when they thought I’d lost my mind but now they have seen that it really does work.

And, I’m glad I had that total faith and belief because it’s tough when a lot of people around you are thinking you’re ought to do one thing and you’re knowing that you should be doing something else. You have to a hell lot of courage, you know to do that. And, I just kept saying, “You know I know God is leading me in this way and I’m going to do what I know I need do and I’m not going to worry about what other people think because it’s my life and I’m going to be responsible, and be self sufficient.” And, you know what if it doesn’t work I take full responsibility but what is it does? And, I believe it will, and I believed to this day that mental attitude and, faith and belief in a program – what ever that program maybe. I think that’s 99% of it.

Kevin: Um hum.

Brenda:: If you do something and you don’t believe it’s going to work – if already you’re sabotaging yourself I’m saying, “I don’t why I’m doing this. I’m sure it’s not going to help me.” Then the truth is it’s not going to help you. I believe that you do get what you expect, and what you really visualize, and feel and think it’s going to happen for you. I think that you get more of those positive results and thinking that way.

Kevin: When did you know that this was working?

Brenda:: Immediately really although my first my first few days on it, I tell you I was really detoxing pretty strong.

Kevin: Sure.

Brenda:: And, because I have been a coffee drinker. So, I had a lot of caffeine and that started coming out and I had a headache that I thought every time my heart beat, I thought my head was going to burst wide open.

And, that lasted for about a 24 hours but it gradually begin to get better, and after a couple of days I would just have a little intermediate headache here and there. And, by about the third or fourth day I never had a headache again, and then I was nauseated because again toxins were coming out, and I thought that probably was the worst and maybe the first and the second day. And by the third day I began to feel like I was coming a little bit back to life. By about the fifth or the sixth day, I was really beginning to get encouraged because I was feeling better. Weight was beginning to melt tough because I weighed almost 200 pounds when I was diagnosed.

Kevin: Wow.

Brenda:: And so the weight was melting away and then I began having more clarity. I was having a lot of heavy bleeding from the cervical tumors and that began to subside and actually in 30 days of being on the program that completely stopped.

Kevin: Wow.

Brenda:: So that was an immediate, I’m like “Wow!” something is working.

Kevin: 30 Days?

Brenda:: Yes, in 30 days. Now in my… as far as my breast tumor I could feel it going down and decreasing. After my first 30 days it felt like to me just from touching that it was about half the size. And of course I continue to decrease until it got to the point within about the third or fourth month I was not able to detect it there at all. You know, it was in about seven or eight days I never had acid reflux or heart burn or indigestion again.

And now that actually was more empowering to me than in anything else because I had it so bad that I could not lie down flat to sleep. I had to prop up with pillows and that was miserable. I mean, I never slept well at night because I had that burning sensation.

When that went away I felt like, “Wow!” this health program was worth it If nothing else got better because that one thing gave me better quality of life. The more that I ate this good nutritious food and the less junk I ate, you know I stopped eating meat and dairy and sugar and all that stuff. That impacted my sleep and just my well being so I felt better and had more energy and when you have more energy everything is better.

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