Six Simple Ways How To Avoid From Cancer

Six Simple Ways How To Avoid From Cancer


People do research and survey to find medicine to kill cancer. Cancer can come to our body, because of wrong way of live. We never pay attention and neglect of food to eat every day and tend to consume junk food. We should choose food to eat, so that we could prevent from cancer. There are six simple ways how to avoid from cancer, please implement the 6 steps below;

1. Eat vegetables and fruit

Vegetables and fruit are full of vitamins and anti oxidance. Serve seven times a day, so that we can be avoided from cancer.

2. avoid smoking

Smoking has high risk for few cancers, 70 % death risks caused of smoking. Avoid from smoking is the best choice for you.

3. Used steam cleaner than shampoo carpet.

People tend to use shampoo carpet than steam cleaner to clean carpet, because easy and quick to use. The shampoo carpet contain carcinogen, one of chemical substance that easy to create cancer. Used steam carpet with hot water is saver than chemical substance.

4. Eat Brazil nut

Brazil nut is rich of selenium; two Brazil nuts are the same as 200 mcg selenium. If you eat two Brazil nuts a day, decrease 50 % of cancer risk.

5. Get the sun ray

Get sun ray 15 minutes a day without sunscreen; help your body to make 1.000 IU vitamin D. Survey proved that vitamin D can decrease breast cancer risk and ovarian cancer for 30 %.

6. Eat colorful vegetables and fruits

Red fruit and vegetables, such as tomato, bit and watermelon can decrease 40 % from skin cancer risk.

Serve on your daily menu; help to improve your health. Orange fruits and vegetables, such as yellow gourd, parrot, and orange can decrease 32 % from cancer. Green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli and pea can prevent from breast cancer. Blue fruits, such as grapes, blueberry and plum can prevent 40 % from stomach cancer. Please choose the best one for you and implement in your daily life.

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