Foods That Help During Skin Cancer Treatment

Foods That Help During Skin Cancer Treatment

When undergoing skin cancer treatment, it is important to take special care of diet you take. However, in most cases, it becomes very difficult to focus on eating the right type of foods when undergoing cancer treatments. It becomes more difficult when you undergo radiation treatment or chemotherapy.

This therapy may dramatically affect your appetite. You need for counseling so that you can get proper nutritional supplements to make you feel stronger and feel faster during the treatment of skin cancer.

Here are certain foods and supplements to help you eat properly during skin cancer treatment:

a) Vitamin C

You should focus on eating foods rich in Vitamin C. Eat a lot of broccoli, spinach as well as citrus fruits. You should also consult your doctor about the fact whether taking a good amount of vitamin C will help. Experts believe that vitamin C speeds up the healing
process soon after biopsy or an excision.

b) Vitamin A and D supplements

Eating foods rich in vitamin A and D will help a lot in your skin cancer treatment. Since people undergoing skin cancer are forbidden to go under direct sunlight, supplements for vitamin D become an important addition to the diet.

c) Fruits and Vegetables

You should eat a lot of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Also drink a lot of water. Any amount of dehydration in the body can prove harmful, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. This can eventually result in serious side effects such as dry itchy skin, acne, rashes and peeling.

d) Raw food

Experts feel that eating raw food helps in treating a lot of disease. It also helps in enhancing the effects of skin cancer treatment. Raw foods are expert in killing cancer cells. When food is cooked, about 100% of all enzymes in a food are killed. This is because most foods contain necessary enzymes required to digest the food. Cooking food burdens body and disrupts many items reaching the body. Cooking food actually damage, the overall value of the food in several ways. Hence, it is important to eat vegetables in raw forms.

e) Juice Vegetables and Fruits

There are several benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits. First and foremost, juicing allows the nutrients more digestible and removes obstructing fibers. Another main advantage is that when you juice fruits and vegetables, you tend to have a lot more vegetables and fruits than normally. Juices play vital role in treating skin cancer.

f) Specific Vegetable Juices

Certain vegetable juices are very healthy and helpful in treating skin cancer. You may also go for vegetable juice by mixing carrot juice, beetroot juice, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

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