Diagnosis and Tests for Skin Cancer

Diagnosis and Tests for Skin Cancer

Day by day the cases of skin cancers are increasing. Even the most developed countries like U.S. are not able to resolve this problem drastically. Hence care should be taken by every individual to reduce the occurrence of the disease. People with fair complexion should take utmost care of their skin because they are most likely to develop the disease if they neglect it. But the symptoms cannot be easily identified by an individual. even when the skin is in normal conditions, he rarely develops sores or swellings. Hence he may think that the problem is minor but it is actually the onset of cancerous activity. If the skin is treated at an early stage of cancer then it is easily curable. Hence an individual should visit the doctor and get tested and diagnosed as quickly as possible.

Following are the examinations conducted by the doctor for the patient suffering from skin cancer:

a. Physical examination: the problem of skin cancer can be easily understood by the doctor just by conducting minor tests. Skin cancer can be diagnosed easily when compared to the other types of cancers. The doctor may get an idea about the skin disease just by conducting the physical examinations. The doctors get an idea about the unhealthy skin even if he just physically examines your hands. He just examines the state of your skin and asks you some common questions. He may ask you if any of your family members suffered from the disease earlier. He may briefly ask you about your lifestyle, habits and food. Then he may ask you about your work environment to know if you are exposed to harmful radiations in your daily life. If he finds out that you continuously work under conditions where you are exposed to radioactive substances or harmful radiations he examines you even more critically.

b. Biopsy: biopsy is a method of taking out the affected part of the skin and examining it under microscope to know the presence of cancerous cells. It is considered as one of the most effective tests of knowing cancerous. The presence of cancerous cells can be easily noticed under a microscope. These tests are only conducted by the doctors. In case there are any abnormalities in the epidermal layer then it can be easily noticed. Through the biopsy the level of infection of the skin can also be accessed. Through the method of biopsy it is very easier to know if a person is suffering from melanoma or not. After biopsy even further tests are conducted.

c. Chest x-rays: by passing x-rays through the chest the picture about the chest is obtained. In this way the presence of melanoma can be noticed.

d. Blood tests: blood tests are conducts in order to know if the other organs are infected by cancer or not. If the cancerous cells are present then certain enzymes will be noticed. Blood test is usually the final test that is conducted to really confirm if cancerous cells are present or not.

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