Exceptional Skin Cancer Treatment In Cincinnati

Exceptional Skin Cancer Treatment In Cincinnati

Plastic surgery is known for its ability to enhance and accentuate natural beauty. Performing magnificent and natural-looking transformations can provide powerful therapeutic results for patients. There is more to plastic surgery than liposuction and breast augmentation however. Where those are useful and popular modes of plastic surgery, there are also vital medical and surgical procedures for patients requiring reconstruction from damaging illnesses and serious injuries.

Skin cancer treatment in Cincinnati is expanding in its capability and procedures to serve patients, as patients are increasingly seeking treatment for sun damage. Skin cancer results in devastating destruction and requires skilled surgical hands for reconstruction of tissues.

With more recreational time, thinning of the ozone layer, and more emphasis on the “tanned look,” there is has been an increase in skin cancer. The three types of skin cancer are

(1) basal cell cancer,

(2) squamous cell cancer, and

(3) melanoma.

Skin cancers are diagnosed by biopsy procedures performed by your primary care physician, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon. The basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers appear as localized irregularity of the skin that is often raised, red, irregular, sometimes prone to bleeding. Often the only way to determine their nature is through skin biopsy. Once treated with surgery, these cancers are adequately treated. Melanoma, however, may be more invasive and require much more aggressive surgery and often may require lymph node resection and/or chemotherapy.

Skin cancer reconstruction entails restoring the body or face to the state before the cancer treatment. Skin cancer treatment for those who have endured the significant traumas of cancer can act as a source of both physical and mental healing.

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