Breast Cancer in Women – Know the Facts

Breast Cancer in Women – Know the Facts

Breast cancer should be a major concern for all women today since it is the single most common type of cancer in women. There is about a 15% chance of developing breast cancer by the age of 90 if you are a woman and have a full, healthy lifestyle. This percentage may not sound like a lot, but it is one of the highest as far as cancer risks go. You can lower this risk by having a breast cancer test frequently.

Have a Basic Mammogram Regularly

The basic mammogram is the most effective test available even though it can be very uncomfortable for some women. During the time of your test, keep thinking, “This may save my life.” It will help you get through it.

You do not want to wait for symptoms to develop before getting your mammogram, as symptoms don’t usually become clear until the cancer is already in its later stages of growth.

Usually, if the cancer has hit the later stages it is more difficult to treat and more likely has spread to other parts of the body. You may feel like a mammogram is too unpleasant, but terminal cancer is without a doubt worse than the test. Please make the breast cancer test part of your annual check-up.

Self-Examination for Breast Cancer

Also, as soon as you reach the puberty age, it is a good idea to carry out your own breast cancer test, which you can do on a regular basis in the privacy of your own home. A pamphlet describing how this should be done can be picked up at your local doctor’s office or health department. Most breast cancer occurs in women over 40, but there are several cases found in young teen girls each year.

Cancer does not have a certain age or time when it occurs. You just need to check yourself regularly for any lumps or other unusual occurrences. If any are found, go to your doctor immediately.

Breast Cancer Risks

Your chances of developing breast cancer are slightly higher if there is a history of such cancer in your family. So, if you don’t have anyone in your immediate family that has had breast cancer, this is very good news. But unfortunately, many families do have a history. With or without a family history, you still should have regular checkups.

Most people do not realize that there is a 1% occurrence of breast cancer in men. But there are still many more men that are never diagnosed with breast cancer, but they do have it.

Keep up with your self-examination and your regular mammogram since your chances of survival are much greater if the cancer is found early.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM)

Also, remember that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) and is observed all over the world thanks to National Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer month has been extremely successful in making more women aware of the signs of breast cancer. More women than ever are now getting their annual mammogram, and this has contributed to a greater survival rate for cancer patients.

Many women have lost their lives to this devastating disease, and this is the main reason why efforts must be continued to teach all women young and old about breast cancer and the risk factors.


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