Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer is one of the dreaded women illnesses that has affected millions of women all over the world. All women should be concerned with breast cancer because it is a risk they have to live with. The greater they know about the risk, the more they will be able to fight back.

Most women discover breast cancer too late because of the lack of regular breast check ups or mammography. Some women think they could not get breast cancer while most would rather ignore the thought thinking it would all go away and they would not get it if they do not think of the illness.

The right attitude to take is to go for mammography or breast examinations regularly to be able be secure in the knowledge that one is free from the illness or to be able to detect the illness the soonest possible time.

A woman is expected to do self breast examinations and then see a doctor when an abnormality is discovered. Once the abnormality is confirmed, the doctor would then recommend more tests including biopsy. Biopsy will confirm whether the lump of abnormality is related to breast cancer.

Unlike most illnesses, breast cancer is not easily detected because it does not have painful symptoms. Most women who found out they have breast cancer did not even experience any symptoms at all. However, every woman should watch out for bodily changes that may indicate the presence of breast cancer.

The best time to check for lumps near the breast and underarm area is when a woman is taking a bath. A lump in those areas coupled with some form of nipple discharge as well as changing breast size should be a warning that something is not right. When such conditions are observed, she should immediately go to her doctor and report the changes.

The said changes do not necessarily mean breast cancer is present but it should be reason enough for concern. It is better to have them checked and be given a clean bill of health than suffer the consequences of detecting breast cancer too late.

There are several ways by which a doctor will be able to determine the existence of breast cancer and one of the simplest ways is to carefully feel for lumps in the breast, or in areas near the breast and the underarm. A more technical manner of detecting breast cancer is mammography or breast x-rays. The doctor can also opt for ultrasonography to determine the type of lump felt near or in the breast area.

The part most women dread during serious breast examinations is when the doctor tells them that he needs to get some fluid samples from the lump in the breast to determine whether it is cancerous or not. The examination will determine whether the lump is fluid or solid which may or may not be cancerous at all.

A woman who is detected with breast cancer should not lose hope because it can be treated. Several treatments can be had which will either eliminate the cancer or to minimize its spread to other parts of the body.

Accepting breast cancer is a struggle for every woman and she will need all the Support she can have from family and friends. Therefore an early breast cancer diagnosis is highly important.

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