Are You At Risk Of Breast Cancer

Are You At Risk Of Breast Cancer

Is anyone in your family suffering from breast cancer? Are you worried that you might suffer the disease yourself? Do you know the factors that put you at greater risk of developing breast cancer?

Early detection and treatment are the best ways to combat breast cancer. Here are several factors that put a person at greater risk. These factors are divided into two groups; those which you cannot control and those which you can control. You should be diligent about self-examination and mammography if you have several of the factors found in the first group and your doctor can help you take some preventive medications. On the other hand, if you have several factors that are found in the second group, you can take specific steps to eliminate the risk.

The breast cancer risk factors that you cannot control include:

1. Advancing age. The risk of developing cancer increases with age. According to studies, your breast cancer risk is 1 in 19,608 if you are at the age of 25. However, by age 40 it becomes 1 in 217. Once you reach the age of 65, your risk of developing cancer increases dramatically and it can be 1 in 17.

2. Family history. You have a higher risk of suffering breast cancer if you have one or more family members who have developed breast or ovarian cancer themselves. The more members of your immediate family suffering from breast cancer, the greater your risk of developing the disease. If this is the situation, be keen on doing monthly self examination.

3. Women who had their first menstruation before the age of 13 are at higher risk. Equally exposed to higher risk of breast cancer are women who reached menopause after the age of 51.

4. Reproductive history. A Woman who gave birth to her first child after the age of 30 has a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Women who have few or no children at all are also at greater risk of contracting the disease.

The breast cancer risk factors that you can control include:

1. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Your risk of developing breast cancer is slightly raised with HRT although cessation of the treatment will restore your level of risk prior to treatment.

2. Person’s weight. Overweight individuals have higher risks of breast cancer than normal weight individuals. The risk usually increases especially for women after menopause. Restoring back to a normal weight by eating healthy foods and engaging in worthwhile healthy activities and exercise routine will usually lower the risk.

3. Alcohol consumption. Higher alcohol consumption increases a person’s risk of developing breast cancer. Studies show that a person who drinks alcoholic beverages three or more times a day doubles her risk of breast cancer. By limiting alcohol consumption, a person will also lower her risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a spiteful disease. It is therefore beneficial to know your level of risk so that you will be able to make the necessary steps to lower it. In cases where the risk cannot be controlled, proper preventive measures should be done with the help of your doctor to live a healthier and breast cancer free life.

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