How Does Skin Cancer Eye Reconstruction Benefit Me?

How Does Skin Cancer Eye Reconstruction Benefit Me?

For most people who spend a lot of time under the sun’s harmful rays, the appearance of skin lesions on the face especially around the eyes is common. They appear in a lot of sizes and shapes, color and texture. Some of these lesions may be congenital but most are acquired from too much exposure to sunlight. These lesions can either be benign or malignant but whichever of the two you have, it is deemed important to have them removed.

Skin lesions on the face and the eyes usually start with a small bump with a slightly darker color from your normal skin tone. These raised lesions when benign can either be sweat gland cysts or epithelial inclusion cysts. Flat, benign ones are just freckles and skin tags that darken as it is exposed to the sunlight for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, some of these lesions grow on the lids that could be painful as well as irritating once it gets to increase in size. Blocked oil glands on the lids are the causative factor of these lumpy lesions on your eyes. When these lumps are not removed, it could grow into a bump big enough to block some of your visual field.

When the bumps on your lids are not removed, it could get infected and form into a sty. This is a very painful oil gland infection that could make your eyes swell, tender, and warm to touch.

Skin tags on the other hand are benign growths on your skin that actually hangs like a small piece of price tags. They differ in color, sizes, and shapes and typically occur in the neck, breasts, underarms, and eyelids.

Sometimes skin lesions starts as a mole which could either be benign or malignant. It is also a raised skin lesion that can either be colored or not. Their sizes also vary.

The consistency of these common skin and eye lesions vary from soft, firm, or semi-solid. Some of it contains fatty tissues and some are fluid filled. The most important factor to consider with these lesions is to make sure that they are not malignant or cancerous in nature.

Since most skin cancers are caused by over exposure to the sun rays, skin lesions on your face and eyes should not be treated as naturally occurring growths. There is a need for these lesions to be removed and be a subject for biopsy to determine its malignancy.

Removal of these lesions might become traumatic to some patients since it involves removal of not only the growths but some skin may also be affected through the excision process. There are possible scarring and skin damage to look upon after the excision.

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