Skin Cancer Survivor Stories – It’s About Giving and Receiving

Skin Cancer Survivor Stories – It’s About Giving and Receiving

My story is one of the many, many cancer survivor stories that other skin cancer survivors have experienced. Some have been published and some have been spoken, but far too many have been left untold.

As for me, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in 1990, at a time when I didn’t even know what a computer was, never mind being able to access all the information we now have available on the internet. I sure could have used it.

I found my self scared and overwhelmed with the decisions I was faced with, but I was determined to be strong and fight. I just didn’t know how. I would have loved to have access to skin cancer survivor stories from others who were presently or have already experienced what was happening to me.

Skin Cancer Survivor Stories – It’s About Giving and Receiving

I feared the side effects of the conventional treatments and I found my self naturally inclined to find an alternative way to treat this disease. I just couldn’t be sure if my decisions were right or not.

My first choice was a whole foods healing diet called The Macrobiotic Diet. I received counseling from several macrobiotic counselors and followed them rigidly. They told me it could get worse before it gets better and that’s exactly what happened. My squamous cell cancer progressed to a stage 3 on my neck and in my throat.

Oh how I would have loved to know the stories and maybe communicate with some other survivors who experienced exactly what I was going through.

My decisions led me to using this diet as a complementary treatment to the conventional treatments that I agreed to undergo at that point. I was given chemotherapy, over 2 months, then a 12 hour bilateral neck dissection followed by radiation. That’s what it took to bring me to 100% cancer free. I believe that if I had not decided to continue with the healthy lifestyle that I continue to follow, I wouldn’t still be here today.

Skin Cancer Survivor Stories – It’s About Giving and Receiving

Yes, there have been plenty of side effects from the aggressive treatments, but I still enjoy the best quality of life that I can.

In time I went back to my full time job and spent almost 20 years there until I retired. During that time, I sometimes would run across different people or friends who were experiencing some sort of health problem and I would always do my best to offer some help and encouragement. I understood them, I’ve been there.

Now, in my retirement, I look for ways to make it easy for anyone to find information and skin cancer survivors stories, mine, or if you can contribute, YOURS also. I’ve made it my mission to spread awareness, to help those just being diagnosed and those who continue on among the many skin cancer survivors out there.

Skin Cancer Survivor Stories – It’s About Giving and Receiving

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