Why the Five Signs of Skin Cancer are Important to Know?

Why the Five Signs of Skin Cancer are Important to Know?

Skin cancer is considered one of the most common cancers in the world. It happens when our normal cells undergo changes and spread without control and invade other cells, tissues and organs.

According to American Cancer Society there are over one million Americans who are diagnosed with skin cancer annually. The society also states that 1 out of 5 Americans will likely to have affected in their lifetime and one American dies every hour because of the disease.

Why the Five Signs of Skin Cancer are Important to Know?

World Health Organization affirms that there are about 60,000 people a year worldwide dies from this infection. The number is quite alarming, aside from the fact that the word “cancer” itself makes everyone anxious ad feel uneasy.

The good news is this is 100% curable and can be treated. Early detection and awareness of the signs of skin cancer are essential. There are five signs of skin cancer the one should remember in order to initially assess oneself. And these five signs can be easily remembered as “ABCDE.”

(A) symmetrical. One side of the mole or lesion does not match with the other side. Moles are usually round and oval.

(B) Border. The border of the mole or lesion is irregular or notched. It also has fading margins.

(C) Color. The color of the moles is usually black, pink, tan, brown, or the same as the skin color. Melanomas (this type is fatal and highly aggressive) are usually multi-colored.

(D) Diameter. The diameter of moles is not more than the diameter of a pencil eraser or about 6 millimeters. Though, there are some melanomas that are smaller than 6 millimeters.

(E) Enlarging, Elevated or Evolving. Moles that are growing, expanding, raised or changing can be a sign of skin cancer.

There are some symptoms that do not fit with the ABCDE as described above. It is important that any new markings, changes on the skin or new spots especially that this is itching, paining or bleeding should be consulted immediately to your doctor. Also, if you have moles which are different from the others, it will be best to have them check.

We have a clear chance of winning the battle against skin cancer. By knowing the signs of skin cancer will be our first strong weapon against it. Awareness and early detection can save not only your life but your loved ones as well.

Why the Five Signs of Skin Cancer are Important to Know?

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