3 Easy Ways – Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

3 Easy Ways – Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is caused due to the abnormal growth of cells on the outer surface of the skin namely the epidermis. This causes formation of lumps on the skin surface and hence the detection at the initial stages. These days’ human-beings are much more prone to skin cancer, due to increased exposure to the sun’s harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) radiations. Hence it is necessary to reduce the exposure towards sun.

This leads to deficiency of Vitamin-D which lessens the body’s immunity and its ability to fight the diseases. Also the application of sunscreen lotions retards vitamin-D synthesis process, which further aggravates cell damage and secretion of hormones that promotes this type of cancer. Cancer in skin can be classified into 3 types namely: melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. The conventional techniques available for treatment are:

3 Easy Ways – Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

Application of topical solutions for non-melanoma cancer type

For advanced cases of melanoma: chemotherapy and immunotherapy

Skin cancer is curable if detected at early stages. It is to be noted that, there are no natural remedies available these days to curb i. But it can be used to prevent at the early stages. The various alternative ways for treatment of this type of cancer are enlisted below:

Nutrition/Proper Diet: By consuming food items rich in Vitamin-D, for instance milk, soya milk, cheese, egg yolk, salmon, fish oil, herring, certain types of breakfast cereals, folic acid, food items rich in fats, proteins, antioxidants, carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, cabbage and sardines, is a highly effective and natural way for alternative skin cancer treatment. It is to be noted that consumption of well-balanced, healthy diet comprising of low-fat dairy contents, whole grains, fruits and vegetables is essential to cope up with the after effects of chemotherapy treatment. Avoid food items rich in sugar and fat contents, as they may cause inflammation.

Herbs: Usage of herbs in a timely manner with suitable propositions will strengthen the diseased body and gain immunity. Green tea, bilberry, ginkgo, milk thistle, ginger, hawthorn are some of the herbs used to prevent the growth of cancer causing cells. Also powdered turmeric can be applied on cancer lesions to inhibit its growth.

Homeopathy: It is a western medical system for treatment of both external and underlying symptoms.

3 Easy Ways – Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment

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