Dr McSteamy’s Skin Cancer – BEATEN!

Dr McSteamy’s Skin Cancer – BEATEN!

Yes, the loved “Grey’s Anatomy” star has beaten skin cancer. Eric Dane age 35 was diagnosed in early January 2009 when he felt his lips chapped. Don’t go running around checking your lips! After a quick liquid nitrogen procedure to the infected areas, Dane was back to work at the SAG Awards smiling. There are things which you can learn from the star of prime time lineup television actor. The quickness of the procedure was amazing. From the different types of cancer, it is crazy to think that skin cancer has stepped up and showed that it could be a threat as well. Steps to protect you and the ones you love are very important to seek out. However, in the case that something happens, here are some things that we can learn from Dr. McSteamy’s skin cancer:

1. Change of skin pattern – Anyone can feel that their skin is not what it used to be. Look closer. Look for changes in the skin pattern to determine any change in consistency. This could determine whether or not you are getting skin cancer.

2. Oozing, blistering, bumps – If your skin is doing any of these things, then you need to address this with a dermatologist. A regular doctor won’t have the skills to determine whether this is a third degree burn or a case of skin cancer.

3. Change in color – This can be subtle, but you need to be aware that you skin is a cover to your body. In change in the color is an alarm to rush to the doctor immediately. There is always a chance that the color could be only a tan and not the dreaded disease. It is always best to check with the doctor.

There are many things we can learn from Eric Dane’s moment of skin cancer. Always being aware of our body and the changes in our skin is very important. Knowing when to see the doctor of our skin is half the steps to knowing. To know what is going on in your body, you need to be focused at all times to be alert to the change. The change in your body is always subtle and not repetitive. So beware. Dr. McSteamy’s scare of skin cancer was only a moment mainly due to the quick action taken to knowing of the change to his body. I guess playing a doctor on a television program pays off

Dr McSteamy’s Skin Cancer – BEATEN!

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