Breast Cancer – What Every Woman Must Know

Breast Cancer – What Every Woman Must Know

What will happen when a woman knows about the fact that she has got some lump in her breasts. Or may be one of her breasts. She will first get upset, then get scared about what will be a Doctor’s opinion. She will consult an Oncologist. Then he will recommend some tests, do some breast examinations, and finally do the Mammogram.

The word ‘cancer’ has dangerous vibrations. If you just hear the word, you get a shiver down your spine. While every cancer is dangerous, some cause more physiological damage. Take for example, breast cancer, a cancer which is perhaps one of the least dangerous but has maximum physical impact.

Ask any woman affected with it. The loss of hair and the loss of breast cause major changes to a woman’s personality.

It is a type of cancer caused to the cells and tissues inside the breasts. It is one of the most common cancers. Around one in 9 women develop Breast Cancer. This disease is caused after the age of 50 or so. But sometimes even younger women suffer from this disease.

Breast Cancer – What Every Woman Must Know

There are sub types as follows:

Non invasive

Invasive means when a tumor has grown from within a duct or lobule. They are malignant tumors and spread as fast as they can. If diagnosed early then much can be achieved with less pain. Non invasive, when the cancerous cells are still in a duct or lobule. They are called Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS). A carcinoma in situ is easier to treat.

There are many articles related to breast cancer. Like, symptoms, how to do breast self examination, causes of breast cancer, diagnosis, treatment involved, chemotherapy and radiation, the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, how to live with breast cancer and its treatment, etc.

The breast cancer, unlike any other type of cancer, is the least dangerous of all diseases. So there is no need to every woman suffering from breast cancer to get afraid of whether or not survival is possible. But, the sad part of cancer in breast is that the sufferer has to go through the surgery of mastectomy, which includes removal of whole breast. This is the most horrible situation when any of one breast is removed as it looks very different and it causes emotional trauma to the woman.

But there is nothing to worry for that too. There are many upcoming treatments where there is a possibility of construction of a new breast or a new nipple. Today science and technology is fast changing and there are chances of a new look.

Treatments are given to kill cancer cells and to prevent them from again spreading inside the breast or tissues.

Breast Cancer – What Every Woman Must Know

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