Symptoms That Might Indicate Breast Cancer

Symptoms That Might Indicate Breast Cancer

Although breast cancer refers to cancerous tumors that develop in the breast tissue, it also has different types. Some of them are common while others are rare.

The most common type of the cancer is invasive duct carcinoma accounting for 80% of the invasive cancers of the breast. 10% of the invasive cancers of the breast are invasive lobular carcinoma. Invasive duct carcinoma starts from the ducts in the breast while invasive lobular carcinoma originates from the glands that are responsible for milk production. Other types of cancer of the breast include mucinous carcinoma, Adenoid cystic carcinoma, inflammatory breast cancer and medullary carcinoma. Treatment of the cancer will depend on the type of cancer one has been diagnosed with. Different types of cancer of the breast have different rates of spreading to other organs.

Cancer of the breast forms a lump in the breast. By the time the lump is big enough to be felt during a physical examination, the cancer might have already advanced. It is therefore important for one to go for regular mammograms especially those above the age of 50. It also helps because during the initial stages of the disease, the cancer does not produce any symptoms. Some may not have any signs or symptoms while in others, symptoms of the same cancer might be different.

Symptoms That Might Indicate Breast Cancer

Other symptoms of breast cancer in women include;

Apart from the traditional symptom which is the formation of a lump on the breast or under the arm, it can also be accompanied by a rash depending on the type of cancer.
The cancer can also cause changes in the size, texture, temperature, shape and color of the breast and/or nipples
Discharge from the nipple. This can be clear or bloody.
Overturning of the nipple. The nipple will also feel itchy and have a burning sensation
Pain in the nipples and breast area

During the final stage of breast cancer, it has already spread to other organs of the body such as the liver, lungs and brain. The symptoms will depend on the organ affected. Some of them include

Neurological problems such as headaches
Jaundice because of the cancers spread to the liver
Loss of appetite
Continuous and uncontrollable loss of weight
Bone pain
Other symptoms of stage four cancer of the breast include skin ulcers, pink like discharge from the nipples and the lump on the breast becomes easily visible.

Symptoms That Might Indicate Breast Cancer

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