The Link Between Certain Beverages and Breast Cancer

The Link Between Certain Beverages and Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer unfortunately is becoming a more common and prevalent cancer for women. According to The American Cancer Society statistics for 2011, there will be over 200,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed. Approximately 39,000 women will also unfortunately die within the year from breast cancer as well.

There is a definitive link between a healthy lifestyle and the risk of developing cancer. One such area of importance is good nutrition. There is evidence that a diet high in vegetables and a variety of fruits can be very cancer preventative. There are also several beverages that have been shown to actually raise the risk of a woman developing cancer. These include coffee, alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juice.

The Link Between Certain Beverages and Breast Cancer

Coffee Contains Trigonelline

Compounds that contain a substance known as “trigonelline” have been shown to stimulate a estrogen like activity within the human body. Coffee contains this compound and therefore may have the ability to raise the estrogen levels of women and increase the possibility of developing breast cancer. Although there are also some conflicting studies that show that coffee may actually benefit some women, this should still be something taken seriously by women worried about cancer prevention.

Grapefruit Increases Cancer Risk

There have been several studies done showing that the consumption of grapefruit may be related to increased breast cancer risk. The British Journal of Cancer conducted a study that questioned ove 46,000 women. The results of the study showed that the women who ate approximately ½ grapefruit daily had a 30% higher risk for developing breast cancer. What was the link? Grapefruit appears to increase estrogen levels in women thus creating an environment more conducive to cancer. Studies are still being done and so the complete evidence is not fully there. However you certainly could choose to replace grapefruit juice with other juices as a precautionary measure or limit your intake of grapefruit juice.

The Link Between Alcoholic Beverages and Breast Cancer

Although wine in moderation has been shown to be heart healthy, excessive alcohol consumption can definitely increase the risk for a women developing breast cancer. There is an active ingredient in alcohol beverages known as “ethanol”, which can profoundly affect the human body in many ways. Increased cholesterol, insulin and inflammation are some of the side effects as well as damaging effects on the liver, heart and brain.

Several studies have been conducted showing a correlation between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. The conclusion of the study of over 320,000 women showed a potential increase in breast cancer risk as high as 41 percent. This risk can be developed with as little as consuming two alcoholic beverages daily.

Although there are so many factors involved in the development of breast cancer, being aware of the potential link of increased risk by consuming these types of beverages should be something every women should be made aware of. Remember, everything in moderation is the key to overall good health and cancer prevention. This is something we should all be aware of in our daily lives as we face the challenges of trying to stay healthy.

The Link Between Certain Beverages and Breast Cancer

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