Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all cancers. When our body comes in the contact of sunlight there may be chances of skin cancers. and it results in sunburn and blistering. There are three forms of skin cancer:

o Squamous Cell Carcinoma – This skin cancer may appear as a bump or as a red, scaly patch. It is the second most common skin cancer found in fair-skinned persons and is typically found on the rim of the ear, face lips and mouth.

o Malignant Melanoma – This is the most deadly of all skin cancers and it is estimated that 7,300 Americans die annually from melanoma. Like the less aggressive skin cancers, it is almost always curable when detected in its early stages. Excessive sun exposure, particularly sunburn, is the most important preventable cause of melanoma.

o Basal Cell Carcinoma – This skin cancer usually appears as a small, fleshy bump or nodule, most often on the head, neck and hands. Occasionally these cancers may appear on the trunk as red patches.

Skin cancer is treated with an array of surgical procedures that are dependent on the need of the individual patient. Early detection and removal offer the best chance for a cure. The best defense against skin cancer is to avoid over exposure to sunlight (including tanning), which is the main cause of skin cancer, especially when it results in sunburn and blistering. Actually every one knows that we are facing problem of ultraviolet rays due to losing ozone layer in our atmosphere. And seek shade between 10am and 4pm when ultraviolet rays are the most intense and apply sunscreen.

If you are facing any kind of skin problem then you should go for dermatologist. So that they can diagnose your skin problem at time and give you treatment according to the problem.

Skin Cancer

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