Stage 1 Breast Cancer

Stage 1 Breast Cancer

A disease that has an influx of uncontrollable cellular growth in the tissues of the breast is called breast cancer. This disease is more commonly found among the elderly but there are cases reported among women as young as 20 years of age. Men also are not exempted from breast carcinoma.

Symptoms of breast carcinoma vary per level. Signs like change in size and shape of the breast and a lump are common signs of cancer of the breast. Breast examination and mammography are procedures that are commonly used to detect cancer of the breast.

Stage 1 breast cancer is the primary stage of breast carcinoma. The American Cancer Society noted that the breast cancer survival rate for this stage is at 98 to 100 percent cure possibility after medical treatments.

During this phase the tumor in the breast is less than 2 centimeters in diameter and has not spread to other tissues besides the breast. It is noted that if a tumor that is less than 2 centimeters but have spread towards the auxiliary lymph nodes is to be considered to be stage 2 breast carcinoma.

Stage 1 Breast Cancer

Surgery is usually required for patients having stage 1 breast cancer. The procedure is used to remove the lump or tumor in the breast as well as the surrounding tissues that could have been infected by the malignant cells. On rare cases where the entire breast needs to removed, mastectomy is done followed by a reconstructive surgery in order to fix the breast of the patient.

In order to avoid the recurrence of the malignant cancer cells, a patient may need to undergo radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy after a successful surgery. Women who have successfully undergone this traumatic event in their lives will get to live a normal and productive life after.

Despite having a high stage 1 breast cancer survival rate, many women are still unable to survive this traumatic life threatening disease. There are numerous reasons to blame; poverty is one and the lack of health insurance.

Many women in the United States alone were not getting the proper treatment procedures which resulted to disastrous chains of events. These concerns should be attended if not, there will be more people in the future that will die because of this dreaded disease.

If a malignant cancer tumor spreads beyond the regions of the breast and infects other tissues and organs of the body, a patients breast cancer survival rate drops down to below 20 percent chance of survival.

Stage 1 Breast Cancer

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