2 Activities Which Can Increase Your Skin Cancer Risk

2 Activities Which Can Increase Your Skin Cancer Risk

In most countries around the world, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. The number of patients diagnosed with it is constantly growing. One of the major reasons for this is that people are not well aware of the factors which increase their risk of getting this condition. In addition to genetics and skin tone, there are other factors which can put you at higher risk. Among them, you will find activities which are enjoyed by most of us.

Indoor Tanning

The use of tanning beds is extremely widespread at present. Many people use them on a regular basis to get a darker complexion. This fashion is quite popular among young adults and young women, in particular. Many start to use tanning beds in their teen years.

The problem with tanning beds is that the UV light which they produce is about 15 times stronger than the sunlight outdoors. This means that it causes more damage to skin cells more quickly. As a result, the people who use tanning beds frequently are 74% more likely to develop melanoma, the deadliest of all types of skin cancer, compared to those who have never done it. These people have 67% higher risk of squamous cell carcinoma and 29% higher risk of basal cell carcinoma.

2 Activities Which Can Increase Your Skin Cancer Risk

Indoor tanning is considered to be the main cause of skin cancer in young people. A recent study has revealed that people who enjoy the activity regularly are 60% more likely to get this condition before the age of 50. Another study showed that over the past 40 years the rate of this condition in young adults increased by 800%. Much of this increase is attributed to the huge popularity of tanning beds.

Outdoor Sports

Professional and amateur athletes involved in outdoor sports are at higher risk of skin cancer due to several factors. The primary one is the long-term exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. The improper use of sunscreen can also play a role. While sunscreen provided protection, it is removed more quickly from the skin because of perspiration. That is why it has to be reapplied every 2 to 3 hours.

The athletes who practice high up in the mountain are exposed to stronger UV radiation. This means that they have to use sunscreen with higher SPF and sunglasses and hats which offer better protection. The athletes engaging in water sports require better protection as well due to the fact that the water acts like a magnifying for the sun while washing away the applied sunscreen.

Take the best protective measures to lower your risk of skin cancer.

2 Activities Which Can Increase Your Skin Cancer Risk

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