Overexposure of the Skin to Sunlight and Skin Cancer

Overexposure of the Skin to Sunlight and Skin Cancer

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. This nutrient is essential to the human body, which metabolizes it to produce calcium and phosphorus. The result is strong bones and healthy teeth.

The downside to using sunlight as a source of vitamin D is that too much of the sun is bad. Overexposure of the skin to direct rays from the sun can cause skin cancer.

Skin cancer, otherwise known as carcinoma is deadly. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can disrupt the body’s immune system and bring about premature aging and carcinomas.

Overexposure of the Skin to Sunlight and Skin Cancer

The most common carcinomas are:

*Basal cell carcinoma

*Squamos cell carcinoma

*Malignant melanoma

All three types start out on the skin–the face and hands for the first two types. They are first noticed as lumps or slight damages to the skin. These blemishes enlarge and spread rapidly to other body parts.

Malignant melanomas are deadlier. They start out on the upper back and lower legs; and spread into the inner layer of the skin, getting into the bloodstream.

All three most common carcinomas are treatable if detected at initial stages. A good means to protection is to thoroughly examine your skin from head to toe at least once every three months.

For other precautionary methods, wear protective clothing when the sun’s rays are intense; limit your amount of exposure to the sun; and make use of sunscreen lotions.

The best precaution yet is to avoid ultraviolet rays as much as possible, because skin cancer takes plenty of time–at times up to 20 years–to develop. Be mindful of indoor tanning as well. The radiations from indoor sun lamps and beds are more penetrative to the skin and can cause more skin damage.

Overexposure of the Skin to Sunlight and Skin Cancer

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