How to Fight With Breast Cancer

How to Fight With Breast Cancer

Breast cancer starts in the milk tubes that carry the milk to the nipple of the breast. In the best of all possible worlds, it is detected early because of such medical examinations as mammograms, or periodic self examinations, but this doesn’t always happen.

The best way to fight breast cancer is to watch for signs of it.

Such things as lumps the breast, under the arm pits, changes in the shape of the breast or some sort of difference concerning it. These differences can be such things as pain in the breast, swelling, a change in color such as redness or a texture to the skin that would remind one of the peel found on an orange.

One way to watch for signs of breast cancer is through regular mammograms. Yes, they can be painful, however not as painful as a late stage breast cancer or a tumor or breast removal.

Many people have the false assumption that breast cancer is something that attacks only women. This isn’t true. Although women are the primary victims, men do get this cancer also, although very rarely in comparison to women, so it is wise for everyone to watch for this sort of an attack.

Should a person find that they have symptoms of breast cancer, they shouldn’t feel that they should give up and get ready to die. Instead they should fight aggressively and continue to live.

There are tests that can be made right in a doctor’s office. One of these tests is a Fine Needle Aspiration and Cytology, usually referred to simply as a FNAC. This requires the removal of a small amount of fluid from the tumor. If the fluid is clear, the lump is probably not cancerous, if it is bloody or unclear, then in all likelihood the tumor is cancerous and needs to be attended to.

Should an FNAC show indications that the tumor may be cancerous, then other tests will be conducted and a conclusive diagnosis made.

If a diagnosis of breast cancer is made, then an aggressive attack should be made to eliminate it. This may be done through the removal of the tumor, followed by radiation and/or chemotherapy or perhaps by the removal of the breast or breasts themselves followed by radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Breast cancer is an enemy and a formidable one. Every year thousands of people do die from it, however every year thousands of people recover from it also. Be your own best friend. Watch for symptoms, do your best to live a healthy life style. Should you see or feel something that makes you wonder if something is wrong, go to the doctor, find out. Yes, you may be over reacting, pray that it is so. This is one case where being wrong is the right outcome.

How to Fight With Breast Cancer

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