Types of Breast Cancer – Invasive and Non-Invasive Cancer

Types of Breast Cancer – Invasive and Non-Invasive Cancer

We have all heard of women from all over the world suffering from what is known as Breast Cancer, but not all of them actually have the same exact condition, owing to the difference in the causes of the development in the cancer, difference in stages, and difference in the intensity of the cancer, as well as the area specifically on the breast where the tumour has developed. Thus, what on basically needs to understand is that there are several different types of breast cancers, and it is important for each woman to know about these and learn how to identify one from the other.

Overall, all these different kinds of cancers fall under two broad categories: Invasive and Non-Invasive. This classification helps the doctors to understand whether the cancer is breast centric or not, and whether it has spread to any other part of the body or not. Based on that, a doctor can decide what treatments would work best, and what kind of medication should be prescribed to the patient.

In the Non-Invasive cancer, the tumour basically remains restricted to the area where it started or originated from. In such cases, chances are that it is centric only to the lining of the milk ducts, and has not spread to the lobules or further into the ducts. This is also commonly referred to as the Stage 0 cancer. In the Invasive Cancer however, the situation is a little bad as the cancer has the tendency to spread to other parts of your body via the lymph nodes, and then the cancer can reach anywhere between stage 1 to stage 5.

There are mainly 3 areas of the breasts where the cancers can originate from. These are the milk ducts, milk-producing lobules and connective tissues. In the milk ducts, the most common form of cancer is the Ductal Carcinoma. In the lobules occurs the Lobular Carcinoma, and in the connective tissues occurs the Sarcoma.

Of course, these are not things that you can detect at home, and this requires serious consultation and treatments from a qualified professional medical practitioner. However, what you can and should do at home is make a note of signs that may appear on your body. Any slight change or anything unusual that you notice in your breasts should not be ignored, and should immediately be checked with the doctor. The less developed the cancer is, the smaller will be its stage, and the better chances it will have of being cured. Some women completely neglect things till they reach stage 5, and after that the chances of survival, like in most cases of cancer become very less. So make sure that no ignorance and neglect happens on your part for your safety and health.

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