Get to Know the Possibilities of Turmeric and Skin Cancer Protection

Get to Know the Possibilities of Turmeric and Skin Cancer Protection

Long before scientists started exploring the connection between turmeric and skin cancer, the spice had been in the medicine chest of most healers and an essential cooking aid of most households in Asia.

If the connection between turmeric and skin cancer was not known to earlier healers, it was mainly because cancer was less prevalent or less well known at the time. However, there was awareness of its use in treating skin ailments.

Curcumin, the active compound which confers the medicinal powers, can heal wounds, kill germs, and reduce inflammation. Its antioxidant powers can prevent and reverse cell damage.

In the case of skin cancer, curcumin can cause the cancer causing melanoma cells to destroy themselves. This is very different from the more common cancer chemotherapy which destroys the adjacent healthy cells also. The curative mechanism of turmeric, and skin cancer treatment requirements are thus mutually compatible.

The demands that cancer chemotherapy makes on a patient’s immune system are enormous. The patient becomes extremely vulnerable to infection, loses hair, loses appetite, and becomes nauseated.

In the interaction of turmeric and skin cancer treatment, these types of problems are avoided. Rather than damaging the immune system, it is boosted instead. The exact mechanism through which curcumin interacts with cancer cells has not yet been fully worked out, but it is accepted that there is an effect in combating cancer.

Turmeric is not just useful in skin cancer treatment. It is also useful with regard to heart conditions, bad cholesterol and can improve the functioning of the liver. Improved liver function helps prevent the spreading of cancer. It is these myriad health benefits that makes it worthwhile to include turmeric among one’s tools for sustaining good health.

It is usually best to take a multi-ingredient health supplement which contains other supportive nutrients, minerals and factors. A multi health supplement with up to 95% unadulterated curcumin content can provide users with all round health benefits. In addition, when combined with the black pepper extract known as piperine, turmeric is better absorbed into the body and works as a shield against many infections.

I do take a multi-ingredient supplement containing among other components resveratrol, ginko biloba, lutein, multi-vitamins, zeaxanthin, trace elements and many other components whose total exceeds 70.

Get to Know the Possibilities of Turmeric and Skin Cancer Protection

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