Signs of Skin Cancer

Signs of Skin Cancer

Getting to know the signs of skin cancer and what it could look like would definitely help to identify any potential dangers early. If there is anything unusual showing up on your skin, it is always a good idea to clear the matter with the doctor. Prevention is better than cure.

As it is generally known, the sign of skin cancer can be revealed in terms of the five alphabets, ABCDE, as follows.

Think of the letter “A” for asymmetry. Non-cancerous growths are generally symmetrical. Hence, what you are typically looking for in a cancerous growth is for the shape to be erratic and not symmetrical. If the growth appears quickly as well, it would surely be a matter of greater concern.

As for the letter “B”, we refer it as the border of growth. Sometimes, the border of skin cancer might not be distinguished easily. It is a good practice to regularly look out for any such growth on the skin and make comparisons.

The letter “C” stands for color. Here, we focus on the color of any new growth on the skin. We would watch out for any red, brown, black, blue, or translucent growths. This is very important.

The letter “D” is about diameter. We are concerned about the size of the growth. If the growth appearing on your skin is greater than a quarter of an inch (or roughly 5.5mm) in diameter, you should have it examined by your doctor. Sizable growth can be a worry. It stands a higher chance of becoming cancerous.

The letter “E” stands for the elevation. Growth with elevated or uneven edges can be a sign of skin cancer.

Remember these five signs as they are very effective measures to expose potential cancerous growths. Apply them, keep a watchful eye on the condition of your skin, and you would likely stay yourself out of trouble. In the fight against skin cancer, you are your own best defense.

When in doubt, it would always pay to check out with the doctor and have tests done as soon as possible.

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