Be Alert to the Five Signs of Skin Cancer

Be Alert to the Five Signs of Skin Cancer

The skin is the largest organ of the body but is almost always ignored or abused. Interestingly, the skin plays a number of important functions that can only be maintained with a proper skin care regimen. For one, it is the skin that gives us the sense of touch that sends powerful signals to the brain.

Likewise, it serves as a protective barrier that prevents harmful bacteria to enter the body at any time. Perspiration also brings out excess water or salts away from the body via the skin. At the same time, sweating is the skin’s way of maintaining the body’s normal temperature.

On the other hand, inadequate skin care can cause different levels of consequences. For instance, the skin can age rapidly and wrinkles can start to appear. Skin irritations can similarly flare up when the skin is not properly moisturized. The use of synthetic skin care products can cause allergic reactions that are sometimes difficult to erase. A daily lifestyle that is composed of junk food, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks leave the skin tone uneven and rough.

At the extreme level, a non-existent skin care regimen can lead to certain types of skin cancer. The most common ones are called non-melanoma skin cancers that can either be a squamous cell carcinoma or a basal cell carcinoma. The squamous cells are the flat ones found on the epidermis layer or the utmost part of the skin. Meanwhile, the basal cells are round cells that can be found right under the squamous cells.

Consequently, these two types of skin cancer are ubiquitous because they are the layers that receive excessive exposure from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is important then to watch out for the five signs of skin cancer for early detection, diagnosis and treatment. The key is to be able to examine your skin regularly for any noticeable changes in moles, birthmarks, or skin lesions.

Be Alert to the Five Signs of Skin Cancer

The first sign pertains to asymmetry or the irregularity of the shape. For instance, a round mole that doesn’t look even on both sides could be a warning sign. If this first sign is apparent, the next four should be closely watched out for. The next thing to look at is the border that separates the regular skin from the lesion. Once again, borders or edges that are irregular and cannot be easily distinguished can be a cause for alarm.

Similarly, multi-colored skin growths with patches of gray, light pink, black, brown, red, or white are one of the five signs of skin cancer. In terms of size, tumors that are more than ΒΌ inches wide are usually malignant. They grow fast enough for a person to notice them. Finally, if the mass is elevated above the skin and has a rough surface, it could be cancerous.

All these signs should never be neglected or ignored because the later they are dealt with, the more complicated the skin problem becomes. As such, do not hide the changes that you have noticed and share your observations with a loved one. If you are not ready yet, the first person that you should go to is your physician. He or she will know what to do best and will make you feel less stressed and assured.

Be Alert to the Five Signs of Skin Cancer

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