Develop Awareness Through Reading Breast Cancer Articles

Develop Awareness Through Reading Breast Cancer Articles

Knowing that breast cancer is the second most common kind of non-skin cancer following lung cancer and the fact that it is the fifth common cause of cancer related death it would be wise to read on breast cancer articles to help one’s self and to become fully aware of its nature.

Gathering information about breast cancer is not hard. One can use technology such as the internet to browse on breast cancer articles. If internet is not available there are still other means to be consciousness of the risks and dangers of breast cancer. Newspapers, magazines, tabloid, and all over forms of media constantly feature issues and concerns about it.

Why is it so important to read breast cancer articles and be aware of the disease? It is imperative because of the fact that every individual both male and female can suffer this kind of ailment. Regardless of age, race or ethnicity one is still susceptible to it. In a data released by the American cancer Society it shows that for the year 2009 alone an approximate number of 40,170 women are expected to die because of the dreadful disease. Meanwhile, 1910 cases of it are also expected to happen among men. In addition, an estimated number of 440 men will die in cancer.

A recent study reported that there is a significant increase in risk level for males to have it especially to men who suffers from bone fractures which occurs after the age of 45. The study figured out that this may also be related to the changes in the male’s estrogens and testosterone that is associated with age.

Up to this day there are still no typical signs of tumor to detect early formation of cancer. It is only during the time that when the cancer has grown to a size that one can feel it through a painless mass. Less common signs and symptoms of it consists of breast pain or heaviness; unrelenting changes in the breast for example enlargement, puffiness, or redness of the breast’s skin. Some symptoms can be noticed in the nipple irregularities like continuous discharge, wearing down, inversion and tenderness.

Women from across the country of all ages should become familiar with the manifestation and the feel of their breasts to become responsive to any alterations and report them quickly to their doctors. After all, women especially after the menopausal period have a higher risk of getting the disease.

At this point of time, there is no sure way to avert and prevent the development of it. The best precautionary measure one can consider and practice is to know what the risk factors that triggers it. One should also avoid gaining weight, having too much physical activity and minimize tobacco and alcohol intake.

It is only by being aware and receptive through reading breast cancer articles that we can equip ourselves with accurate data and up to date information about the problem.

Develop Awareness Through Reading Breast Cancer Articles

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