Skin Cancer Article On Prevention

Skin Cancer Article On Prevention

Yes I know there are a million and one websites with skin cancer articles and as far as I’m concerned everyone is doing a good job especially when you read that a million or more people each year will get skin cancer. When you think that a small mole or a small blemish on the skin can cause so many problems adding up to that million mark.

I’m sure you know there are many different types of skin cancer, and that the worst of them all is the malignant melanoma type which can have the habit of spreading cancers to other parts of the body.

As with other skin cancer articles the aim is to bring awareness to the problems, and that by taking several simple precautions you can avoid being another in the head count that suffers. If you are fair skinned make sure you have a sun screen of at least the factor of 30 which should be re-applied every two hours. If the sun is very strong be sure to wear a floppy hat or something that will cover your neck.

With most people they tend to be organised when going on holiday, and that a good sun screen is one of the first things to be packed, yet at home the opposite tends to happen. People will go out into the garden to do some general maintenance in a pair of shorts and singlet vest without a thought what the sun may do to them.

After awhile they go back into the house and see their reflection in the mirror, and as they look like a lobster they decide to put on some cream. But by then the damage is done, and that the epidermis layer of the skin is already in trouble.

It is common knowledge that skin cancers can be cured but only if they are caught early enough, yet it only takes a small amount to break off from a malignant melanoma to start a fresh cancer deep inside of you.

If you’re not sure about a mole or a blemish on your body please get yourself checked out at the Doctors as soon as possible, and to keep out of the Doctors make sure you cover up with either clothes or sun screen.

Skin Cancer Article On Prevention

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