Understanding Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms & How to Prevent It

Understanding Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms & How to Prevent It

There is more than just one type of breast cancer in this world. Inflammatory breast cancer is one of them and it is a very rare type of cancer.

“Inflammatory breast cancer” has the same symptoms as inflammation. The symptoms are usually swelling, skin redness and pain. However, the symptoms for this type of cancer are not caused by infection or injury. It is caused by cancer cells blocking the lymph vessels in the skin.

So what are the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer?

* Swelling of the breast. One breast will suddenly be much larger than the other. (The size change of the breast will occur between days to weeks.)

* Itching. (Do not disregard the itch if it occurs too frequently as it might be a sign of a sickness.)

* The breast looks red, purple, pink or bruised. Otherwise known as discoloration. It might have a texture which is similar to an orange.

* Ridges, thickened areas of the skin of the affected breast. This is similar to an orange peel.

* Breast feeling unusually warm.

* Nipple retraction. (Nipple is flattened or is turned inwards.)

* Discharge coming out from the nipple.

* Breast pain. (Tenderness or aching too.)

* Enlarged nymph nodes. They occurred under the arm, above or below the collarbone.

These changes occur quickly, usually within a period of few weeks. This indicates that the cancer cells spreads quickly and the possibility of surviving for more than 5 years is less than 50%, with only a 40% survival rate according to studies made.

Please note that this type of cancer might not form a lump, which is a common sign for many cancers do. If any of the above symptoms occurred to your breast or you have symptoms that worries you, please find a doctor to examine as soon as possible as your life might be in danger.

Although it is not certain what the cause of inflammatory breast cancer might be, it is still best to have precautions by living life the healthy way, for example eating the right food, exercising regularly and having sufficient rest. Women having children before the age of 30 also decreases the chance of contracting breast cancer.

Start practicing a healthy lifestyle now before it is too late! Remember to go for full body check-ups regularly to detect for any changes in the body. Although it is said that women contracts breast cancer easier at an older age, that does not rule out the possibility of contracting at a young age.

Be prepared for the future and maintain a healthy lifestyle from young!

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