Understanding Male Breast Cancer Symptoms & How to Prevent it

Understanding Male Breast Cancer Symptoms & How to Prevent it

Although breast cancer is known to be a disease for women, it does not mean that it will not happen to men. Same as females, males have breasts too and they have breast tissues right under their nipples. Fortunately, males contracting such cancer is a very rare case which is only 1% out of all the cases. However, all males have the risk of 0.1% of developing such cancer in their lifetime. Although studies shown that the chances of males developing breast cancer are between the ages from 60 to 70 that do not mean that younger men do not have the chance of developing such cancer. Therefore, it is best for every man to understand & find out the symptoms, just to play safe if they feel there are some changes to their breasts or nipples.

What are the symptoms for male breast cancer?

* Firm mass located below the nipple. (The mass is not painful.)

* Ulceration of the nipple’s skin.

* Puckering or dimpling of the nipple.

* Redness or scaling of the nipple.

* Nipple retraction. (Nipple turning inward.)

* Discharge from the nipple. (The discharge is either bloody or opaque.)

If the cancer cells had spread to the bones, there might be symptoms of bone pain. If the cancer is at a more advanced stage, other symptoms of breast cancers include malaise, weakness and weight loss (which is similar to other types of cancers too). If any of the symptoms occurs to you, please find a doctor to examine your body as soon as possible as your life might be in potential danger. Cancer is a deadly disease and if it is not discovered at an early stage, the chances of living is very slim.

The possible causes of male breast cancer are:

* Age. The risk of contracting such cancer at an older age is higher.

* Family History. If any of your family members had ever developed such cancer, please be extra careful.

* Exposure to Radiation. Radiation exposure due to any reasons might cause cancer.

* Liver Diseases. This results in lower levels of male hormones which increases the chance of developing such cancer.

* Estrogen Therapy. If they had gone through any estrogen treatment, the chances of contracting such cancer are higher too.

* Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Male with 2 or more female chromosomes increases their chances to contract breast cancer.

Please be mindful of your health and live healthily to decrease the chances of contracting cancer. However, if you ever find symptoms of male breast cancer occurring to you, do not feel that it is a shameful thing for males to contract such cancer; instead you should be checking up on the best clinics in town to diagnose your problem!

Understanding Male Breast Cancer Symptoms & How to Prevent it

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