How to Lower Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

How to Lower Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

We have all heard the saying that “prevention is better than the cure” and in the case of skin cancer this is absolutely no exception.

There are a number of easy ways you can protect yourself from harmful UV rays and when properly applied they can greatly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. These easy to remember steps help provide the best care for your skin while in the sun, however they do not replace the need to regularly check your skin for changes to moles, spots or freckles.


Be sure to wear protective clothing that covers your skin from direct sunlight. Shirts should be buttoned up to the neckline and when wearing polo shirts in the sun, pull up the collars to protect your neck. For added protection driving gloves can be worn in the car to protect hands and forearms from direct and reflected UV rays.


Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen when out in the sun, particularly during times when the UV rays are peaking (mainly between 10am – 3pm). Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ product so please review the labels to select a sunscreen that is best suited to your working or leisure environment.

For smaller areas like the nose, ears and lips a zinc oxide based product is preferable.


Throw on a wide brim hat that protects your head, ears, face and neck. These areas are highly prone to skin cancers due to their level of exposure to harmful UV rays.


Find shade to keep you out of the sun during the peak UV periods. Any activities or work duties that can be easily moved to a shaded area should be moved to avoid direct sunlight. Ideally outside activities or work should be scheduled before or after the peak UV times (10am – 3pm) to lower the risk of sun damage.


Put on sunglasses that offer high UV protection to keep your eyes safe from sun damage. When buying sunglasses be sure that they meet the current safety and UV protection standards.

How to Lower Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

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