Breast Cancer Walk – Increasing Awareness of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Walk – Increasing Awareness of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has a relatively high rate of affecting at least 12% of women in America. In fact, according to published statistics, every adult woman can actually develop this type of cancer at some point. Not enough women, however, are taking the risk of this cancer seriously. Therefore a breast cancer walk is an ideal way to promote awareness of this insidious disease that affects the lives of numerous women in the United States today.

Risk Factors

A breast cancer walk increases awareness of the risk factors of cancer of the breast. Among these are: a family history of this type of cancer, early onset of menarche or late menopause as well as a personal history of abnormalities of the breast or a breast disease which was diagnosed as benign. Even a high fat diet can contribute to its development. Genetics have long been associated as a possible contributing factor to the disease.

After lung cancer, cancer of the breast is the second most common cause of cancer among women. Therefore it’s beneficial for women to be aware of the causes of this disease, the symptoms and how it can be treated. Management is an important part of cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Walk

The breast cancer walk is considered one of the most important awareness programs for this cancer. This 3 day walk is a benefit program that aims to raise funds. This is an important walk that benefits victims of cancer of the breast. Both men and women participate in this 3 day walk that covers 60 miles and involves millions of Americans all over the country. It’s an ideal opportunity for participants to further understand this dangerous disease and help spread the word among their family, friends and associates.

By being a participant in this walk, you can meet plenty of like minded people from all walks of life. You can share your experience and learn how others have coped with the disease. There are countless people along the route who offer food and drinks to all the participants and safety nets make the experience fulfilling and safe for everyone involved. Medical volunteers are on standby to ensure that that anyone who needs medical attention during the walk will get it promptly.

Breast cancer walk is a great idea to spread the awareness of cancer of the breast. It’s also lots of fun involving physical activity that everyone can join in. You’ll be doing your bit for a good cause.

Breast Cancer Walk – Increasing Awareness of Breast Cancer

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