Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency – Avoiding the Sun for Fear of Skin Cancer?

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency – Avoiding the Sun for Fear of Skin Cancer?

One of the main causes of vitamin D deficiency would be a lack of sufficient exposure to the sunlight.

Many suffer from a lack of vitamin D for this reason. This vitamin often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin” can also be obtained from other sources such as foods rich in vitamin D or through dietary supplementation.

But let’s face it, how many people really have knowledge of what foods to eat for vitamin D or any other vitamins and minerals?

Avoiding the sun for fear of cancer could be a large mistake, especially if you are avoiding it completely.

Doctors of natural medicine throughout the country recommend that children and adults need far more than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) set by the food and drug administration (FDA) for optimum health.

In actuality, avoiding the sun and creating a deficiency could be playing a factor in what causes skin cancer as well as other cancers and chronic disease.

In order to avoid the causes of vitamin D deficiency one needs to be concerned about nutrition throughout the year. There’s no difference between the importance of vitamin D than the importance’s of any other necessary nutrients in our body. Any deficiency of any nutrient results in a weakening of the immune system.

So how do you avoid these causes of deficiency?

When it comes to vitamin D, start by not being afraid of the sun and most importantly on the other hand, never overdo it. Moderation is your key. Think in terms of 5-30 minutes of exposure.

Personally, I limit my time unprotected to a very short time because I have had stage 3 skin cancer and have received heavy radiation treatments. That makes me more vulnerable. For those of you in generally better condition at less risk, it’s OK to go longer, but I’ll always stress don’t overdo it and never sunburn.

As the four seasons change, so may you have to change your source of vitamin D. You still need it all throughout the year.

In the summer the sun is the best source, just remember to use a good sunscreen and protective clothing when you have to be in it longer than you should.

Spring, fall and winter, eat as many vitamin D rich foods that you can and take a good whole food vitamin D supplement daily or as needed. Find a good quality whole food multivitamin and mineral supplement. You do need all of your vitamins.

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency – Avoiding the Sun for Fear of Skin Cancer?

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