Skin Cancer Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Skin Cancer Symptoms to Be Aware Of

People who spend a great deal of time outside in the sun without protection are at risk of contracting skin cancer. It is important to be checked by a dermatologist regularly for symptoms of skin cancer. However, there are some indicators that someone could notice to detect the disease early and treat it before it spreads throughout the body.

When someone is trying to detect sings of skin cancer, they should look for changes in any moles on their body. One indicator is if a mole grows larger than six millimeters. Any change in size or texture of an existing mole is a good reason to visit a dermatologist for a checkup. In many cases, it is possible to just remove the mole and prevent further problems.

It is also important to pay attention to the skin surrounding a mole. Any redness or swelling in the surrounding skin could be a sign that there is a problem. Small new patches of color around the mole may also be cause for concern.

If someone does not catch the early symptoms of skin cancer, there are signs that come along later on which are a little bit vaguer. Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit or groin may be a sign, in addition to grey skin and a chronic cough. In some situations, seizures could also be an indicator of skin cancer.

In many cases, a mole is just a mole and is not cause for concern. However, in the interest of being safe rather than sorry, it is a good idea for people to have any moles on their body checked annually by a doctor for changes that could be dangerous. If someone notices any changes to an existing mole or marking on their body, they should immediately contact their doctor to have it tested.

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