Truths About Skin Cancer

Truths About Skin Cancer

The words that you have always dreaded hearing are coming out of your doctor’s mouth. I’m sorry, you have skin cancer. The conversation can now go two ways. Your doctor may say, I’m glad you came in when you did. We caught it in time, this shouldn’t be fatal. Or your doctor might say, I’m so sorry. There isn’t much I can do. If only we had caught this sooner.

There are several warning signs a person can watch for. It is crucial that you are aware of what is going on with your body.

While it may seem like a complex issue, there are only two categories of skin cancer; Melanoma and non-melanoma. This particular cancer is one of the most prevalent in the United States.

Melanoma is not as common as non-melanoma cancer, and that is a good thing. Melanoma cancer spreads very quickly through the body and is therefore very difficult to treat. Early diagnosis of melanoma is crucial if you are wanting to lead a normal, long life.

Skin cancer is usually easier to spot than other cancers because it leaves marks on the skin. It is also one of the easiest cancers to ignore. It may dawn on you after several months that the spot on the side of your face still hasn’t healed yet. This is a sure sign that a doctor should take a look at it.

Other times, you may notice a reddish lump that is shiny and smooth. On the other hand, it may be just the opposite, still red, but scaly and rough. If you do have an abnormal spot somewhere, don’t have a panic attack. Not all skin changes mean that you have skin cancer. Just to be safe and for your own peace of mind, see a doctor and see what they think.

Take heart! There are cures for both types of cancers, but you MUST see a doctor as soon as you suspect any problem. If you wish to avoid this problem altogether, limit your unprotected exposure to the sun. Make sure you wear adequate clothing and use sunscreen.

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