Ways of Doing Breast Cancer Screening

Ways of Doing Breast Cancer Screening

One of the main reasons why more and more women are not surviving breast cancer is because of not detecting them in an earlier manner. Because of the increasing number of women who are having breast cancer these days, women now are being asked to do breast cancer screening. In this way, women will know whether they have breast cancer and treat them early on.

However, many women do not really know how to do breast cancer screening. They are thinking that breast cancer screening may only be done in one way. However, many are not aware that there are several ways in doing cancer screening.

This type of cancer screening that is most popular among women is the one being done by physicians during routine check ups. In this process, the doctor will feel the breasts if there are lumps. Aside from this manual checkup, the doctor can issue a request in order to do several radiological or ultrasonic screening in laboratories. These are the machines being manipulated by professionals that would do several physical screening in order to see if there are lumps that cannot be felt.

Mammography is the next breast cancer screening option being done by professionals. This is the screening program being used because of its accuracy and speed in generating results. It will be able to detect smaller lumps that may not be detected with manual check up. This means that mammography is effective in detecting earlier cancer stage.

After the mammogram is done and found out that there is a mass on the breast, they would get a sample of the mass and subject it to several testing. In this way, they would find out if the cancer cells are malignant or not. Upon learning if the cancer cells are benign or malignant, they would now suggest treatment options in order to prevent it from growing.

If mammogram can detect smaller lumps, using breast MRI or magnetic resonance imaging will detect those that are too small for mammograms. The good thing about MRI is that it will be able to detect the benign cancer cells in the breast. Because of this, it will prevent people from spending too much by undergoing biopsies. With MRI, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

Breast MRI is very much recommended to be used in screening women who have strong genetic loading of breast cancer in the family. These are the people who have a lot of relatives who have suffered from cancer. Aside from these, people who may have had breast surgeries and even breast implants should also undergo this type of screening because of its sensitivity.

With the increasing awareness about breast cancer, these types of screening are being taught to women as it will be very helpful for them in knowing if they have breast cancer or not. This is a good way for them to know it early on and to treat it properly even before it can develop to a more serious problem.

Ways of Doing Breast Cancer Screening

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