Skin Cancer Can Be Prevented

Skin Cancer Can Be Prevented

Of all the many forms of cancer, skin cancer is the most common type. Every year almost one million people are diagnosed with this. But, skin cancer is a preventable cancer. More than 90% of the disease is caused by over exposure to the damaging UV rays of the sun.

To prevent skin cancer, all it requires is being cautious and careful when going out into the sun. Wearing protective clothing, sun glasses, hats, and sunscreen with a high SPF factor of at least 15 can help in blocking out harmful sun rays.

Besides wearing the proper attire and sunscreen, it also helps to avoid going out during the times when the sun’s peak hours when it is the brightest. These peak hours are between 10am and 4pm.

Being directly in the sun, like at the beach or by the pool is not the only way to contract skin cancer. Just walking outside, going to a sporting event, or even driving in the car can expose you to the sun. Many times people will not think about wearing sunscreen when going on a drive, or to a ball game. The end result can end up with a sunburned nose or face. It is important to remember that over time this type of exposure could be harmful.

Tanning booths or beds have become popular throughout the years. Many tanning facilities claim that tanning in a tanning bed is a lot less risky than sun exposure. It is true that the amount of time is limited in a tanning booth. The maximum time you can usually tan is 20 minutes per day. However, many over do the tanning process – going every single day to get a deep dark tan – and this can lead to skin cancer.

Skin cancer can be prevented. So when you go out to enjoy the beauty of the sun, don’t forget to protect yourself.

Skin Cancer Can Be Prevented

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