Skin Cancer – Different Types, Different Coverage

Skin Cancer – Different Types, Different Coverage

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, affecting millions of people yearly. Like many cancers, however, it comes in multiple varieties. Of the three primary skin cancers-basal-cell carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma, and melanoma-only melanoma is typically lethal. Knowing what type of skin cancer is crucial both for treatment and for paying for your medical bills.

The most common skin cancer is also the least deadly: basal-cell carcinoma. It rarely spreads or causes serious health issues, but doctors remove it to be on the safe side. The removal procedure is far less complex and expensive than treatment for serious cancers. If you have insurance, your insurance will likely cover the treatment. If you do not, and if you are eligible for health or retirement benefits from Social Security, you may be able to receive help for your medical expenses.

Squamous-cell carcinoma is less common than basal-cell and slightly more dangerous. Although it has been known to spread through the patient’s body, that happens very rarely and is still much more easily treated than many other cancers. Even when it spreads, squamous-cell carcinoma is not as aggressive as many cancers.

Melanoma, by far the most lethal kind of skin cancer, is the rarest. Yet when it does develop, it can be one of the most difficult to treat and deadliest cancers. If it is caught early, melanoma can be removed surgically and medications can prevent it from spreading. But if a patient wants too long, it can spread and quickly become terminal. For melanoma, as with all cancers, early detection is key.

Skin Cancer – Different Types, Different Coverage

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